Fandom just got a little more affordable


Do you like Comic and Entertainment conventions?  Are you in Calgary? Do you knit? The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo will be taking place at our Stampede grounds from April 24th through April 27th. The Husbeast and I have weekend … Read On…


History of Rock in 100 Riffs

Games you can play while you watch this:

1. Name the era / realize when the era changes
2. Name that tuning (also: count the groping for the slide, shifting of feet for pedals)
3. How many of those songs did you you (or someone you know) spend hours learning on a fake, plastic guitar in Rock Band?
4: Count the amount of Jack White references.  Srsly.


You can thank Reddit

I found this little gem on Reddit.  The artist’s name is Kawehi and while she doesn’t exactly have Cobain’s growls and distortion, she has her own flair.  I’ll totally overlook the use of the auto-tune-like filter she’s using on her voice as it lends extra atmosphere.

TCS – Robot Heart: Heart-Shaped Box – Nirvana (covered by Kawehi) from Kawehi on Vimeo.

If you like this, go ahead and check out her other videos on Vimeo — there’s a cover of NIN’s Closer (warning: contains profanity), and a pretty stellar Mashup called “Monster Mash” (warning: contains Muse.  I will not be responsible for any physical or mental health issues obtained by listening to Muse, up to & including everything from donning a hipster persona to the development of allergies).


Danse Macabre

Ye Olde Internal Wurlitzer has started playing Danse Macabre, composed by Camille Saint-Saens, arranged by Liszt/Horowitz.

This one gets in your head and whirls around at a breakneck pace until you’re just on the edge of dizzy.  And then good luck getting it out of your head for the rest of the day.

You’re welcome.

Christmas Knitting Retrospective


I meant to post before now, but things have been scattered and hectic over the holiday (I consider it ‘the holiday that wasn’t’ because I worked for most of it, but what can you do, right?  It’s the nature of … Read On…

They’re Warmer on the Inside


I’ve been wanting “TARDIS mittens” for awhile now.  I looked online and found mittens decorated as Tardises (Tardi?), and mittens decorated with Tardises (what is the plural on that, anyhow?). I just didn’t find what I was looking for.  There … Read On…