Episode 19: Video Killed the Radio Star

I’ve kinda wrapped WIP Wednesday and the Stringchronicity Podcast into one great big gooey package today.  Today, we’re going video!

If you’re seeing the W with the bouncing star, you’re on the right track. Give the video a little time to load.

Show notes will be forthcoming once I’ve had a few minutes to get things in order 🙂

6 thoughts on “Episode 19: Video Killed the Radio Star”

  1. Love your podcast–but after downloading the videocast from itunes, it will not load or play on my ipod. I’ll watch from the website, but please continue the audio podcast!

    • Hi Patti! What kind of iPod are you using? I know that I can’t watch vidcasts on my own 30 GB iPod Color (one of the first iPods that were supposed to do *some* video).
      I haven’t nixed the audiocast idea, but it does take significantly more time to produce. We’ll see how things shape up!
      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • Hi Maire,

        I have a ipod Nano. (Couldn’t give you more info, if I tried) I can download and play videos from bliptv (i.e.,Round the Twist, The KnitGirllls, etc.) with no problem. I tried converting to an ipod version but it was moving way too slowly. I will continue to enjoy your podcast in whatever form you choose–I’ve been around since the “Sock Tart” days!

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