The “Butter-Coloured” socks

I finished up the Catnip Socks this week.  It didn’t take very long.  They’re a great knit.

I delivered the MIL’s Socks that I knit back in February to my mother for her (belated) birthday gift.  We rode down on our bicycles.  Proof that Mum reads the blog?  “I really like the butter-coloured socks you’re working on.  That’s really pretty yarn…”

So noted Mum.  So noted 😉

Remember how I said I was going to frog back what I had done with the socks I’m designing?  I did so.

I started over. I first started as toe-up, but then re-thought it and tried top-down. I put far too many design elements together at the same time. I’ve re-started, going right back to square one. We’ll see how they develop.  I love the texture 🙂

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