The day so far…

It’s hard to believe my Saturday has been going so quickly!

First, we got busy doing some yardwork. I have no idea what these purple blooms are, but they’re coming up in our garden.


The lawn was mowed and my Dad came by to fix an issue we were having with the siding of our house.  I got busy pulling weeds and disentangling some of the neighbours’ garbage from our “decorative fruit trees” in the back yard (I’m not sure if it’s the wind around here, or just that our neighbours are lazy, but there’s a bunch of stuff in our back garden that we didn’t put into the yard to begin with).


I am pleasantly surprised at what kind of pictures my iPod takes.  Seriously.  Those are some really pretty blossoms (and they smell gorgeous!).

We have plans to get the yard clear and then put up the gazebo that my folks gave us, and put in the fire pit that the husbeast’s folks gave us.  Between those and the garden lighting, our yard should be really pretty!


After that, we got on our bikes and took a nice little ride on the Greenway Path, which is right down the street from our home.  We learned a couple of things: The bike path now extends all the way to 96th Ave NE (which is at the very top of our community), and that motorists in our area are insane and need to slow down.  Seriously. We couldn’t get across one of the streets to get to the path system, so had to join traffic. I really could have done without the gratuitous engine-revving.

Next up?  BBQ with some friends to round out the evening.  Sounds like the perfect end to a pretty close-to-perfect day!

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  1. Oooh, pretty bikes! I love the basket, I’m pining about getting a basket right now. This may finally be the summer that I do it!

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