Making eggs tasty(ier)!

I know, I know…I’ve been really foody lately and a little less on the knitting.  That’s because I’m working on the socks-in-progress that I’m designing myself, and as proud as I am about them, I kinda want to wait until I’m ready to post the pattern before I show ’em off. Tomorrow I’ll show off the very plain toe-up socks I started at the Henry Rollins Spoken Word event last week, and those can stand as my “in progress” knitting 😉

At any rate…back to the food!  Since my work schedule has been all over the map this week, it meant that I had a little more time in the mornings to put together my breakfast. As long as my lunch was taken care of (ahh…leftovers!), the only thing I really had to worry about was my first meal of the day. Yesterday, I had a hankering for something a little different than my usual cheesy scrambled eggs or “sweet” omelet (In which I take eggs and turn them into a kind of crepe, complete with berry filling). We’ve had veggies in the house, and they’ve been taunting me. I repeated my experiment today — with pictures!

Full disclosure: I’ve been reading The Clothes Make The Girl, a blog by Paleo recipe creator, Crossfitter, and former Texas Rollergirl Melissa Joulwan. It’s given me some ideas. Also, while I think Paleo eating is in the right direction, I tolerate dairy fairly well in butter, cream, cheese, and limited homogenized milk forms. So I still use them. Trying to cut back, though!


First I chopped up some onion, red bell pepper, and some chives from the garden. Those went into a small frying pan with lots of butter to sautee until tender. While that was happening, I made the egg portion of the omelet (3 eggs, salt & pepper to taste, dollop of cream).  When I was done, I sprinkled some cheese on the interior side of the omelet, spread the sauteed veggiels over top, then folded over the sides.


Voila! One absolutely awesome veggie omelet! This one was so large, I actually had to chop it in half to get it on the plate. If I hadn’t been absolutely ravenous (and the husbeast was sleeping), I probably would have gladly shared it. However, as I hadn’t eaten anything yet, and it was around noon-thirty, I devoured the whole thing (I don’t purposely do the Intermittent Fasting thing, I just don’t always feel like eating first thing in the AM. Sometimes a cup of tea is all I need).