Ten on Tuesday: For the Love of September

Today’s Ten on Tuesday is all about September. To be exact, the ten things you love about September.

Kids are going back to school
Not so much an issue for the Husbeast and I since we don’t have children, but it does mean that for some things, the neighbourhood is quieter. When you work shifts that go around the clock, this is an important thing.

Stationery is inexpensive
Sure, they’re gearing children up for “back to school”. I like to think of it as “cheap art supply” time!

The weather is getting cooler
Calgary is a city of extremes, it seems. Either it’s hot, or it’s cold. There is snow, or there is no snow. It’s like Yoda decided to impose his teaching rule of “Do or do not, there is no try” on Calgary. This summer has been somewhat unpleasantly hot (either that or I just haven’t been able to mitigate the extra warmth adequately). I’m looking forward to the cooler weather

It’s Harvest time!
This is a great time to get fresh fruit and veggies from the Farmer’s Market. Seriously. This is a great time for fruit in particular. Yummy!

New Neighbours
This is the time of year that folks seem to move…at least in our neighbourhood. Our Β next-door neighbours and the folks across the street moved this year. As soon as the new folks move in, it means getting to know their quirks such. Probably training them not to park across our driveway πŸ˜‰

Knitting and spinning in comfort!
Because the weather is cooler, it means that the range of knitting projects I could conceivably work on has expanded. Yes, I’m in the middle of a sock explosion (thank you, Scarefest), but very soon I should be able to dig out Robin’s Sweater and start work on the sleeves! Β I know at least one person in this house who will be happy when this happens….

Fall Collections are starting
Fall fashions are hitting stores and that doesn’t just go for clothing. There seem to be about two different times of year when things wake up for both fashion and knitting. Part of that seems to be due to the fall sheep & wool festivals. Either way, I’ll enjoy it.

TV Seasons are starting back up
Hooray for TV that doesn’t suck! There are a few shows that we like to keep up with, and it’s nice when you’re no longer sitting through reruns of the worst shows a network or cable channel could dig up on the cheap. I got to see the new episode of Dr. Who last week, and I’ve been happily watching Grimm for the past two or three. If anything, I’m a little sad that The Newsroom is on break.

It’s the time of year for long walks
Some of our most memorable times have been going for long autumn walks downtown in some of the more gentrified areas. We can’t afford to live there, but we can sure afford to spend some time looking at the architecture. September is when we start doing this — going for long walks, sometimes with a warm drink in our hands. Having the new C-Train stop so close to the house is only going to make these walks a little more possible more often.

We’re getting closer to October!
I’m a big fan of October. If I were more European, I’d almost blame it on Octoberfest. Instead, I’ll relate it to Socktoberfest (It’s a knitting thang) and Hallowe’en. I’ve been a fan of Hallowe’en for as long as I can remember. These days I tend to carve a pumpkin and give out treats, but when I was a kid, I was the one who started thinking of costumes back in February (whether or not they came to fruition was always another story).

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    • Yes, I like being able to stock up on all kinds of supplies at lower prices. Not only that, but they make the “cute” pens and pencils at this time of year… πŸ˜‰

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