FO Friday: Warmth for Wednesday

For lace socks, these are sure going to be warm. I find that Paton’s Kroy is really great for warm socks, and while the nature of lace is to be full of holes, I can’t see that stopping the Kroy from doing it’s job. It’s like the Buttered Cat Paradox.


So here they are: Wednesday socks. They were a fairly quick knit, all things considered, and probably would have gone even quicker if I’d actually been using the sport weight that the pattern called for. I will likely revisit this pattern at a later date, as it is very pretty and easy to remember without the pattern.

Now it’s on to the bright socks of doom! Hopefully will have another FO soon 😀

2 thoughts on “FO Friday: Warmth for Wednesday”

  1. Ooh, those are lovely! I’m a total sucker for lacy socks, and I think you’re right — they do look like they’d be warm despite the holes. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Paula! I’m a sucker for lace too…depending on the way the pattern works up. If you’re a part of the Scarefest KAL, I definitely recommend them! And if you’re not….well..eventually they’ll be released to the public 🙂

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