Ten on Tuesday: The Weekend

I love the weekend. Well…I guess I should specify that as “days off”. As I generally work shifts, I don’t always get a traditional weekend, where the work week ends by 5pm on Friday afternoon and starts again by 9am on Monday. Even so, today’s Tuesday Ten is all about favourite things to do on the weekend. I’ll just turn that into “Days Off” 😉

Gardening: I don’t mind gardening. It’s not my absolute favourite hobby, but I like the results. Next year I need to be a little more consistent with my gardening and yardwork.


Cleaning: Again, not an absolute favourite thing, but again, I love the benefits. And there’s just something about a clean carpet or linoleum or fresh laundry that just says “home”.

Video Games: I’ve never been a huge gamer. I really don’t get into all the games that are on the market. I used to play World of Warcraft until that sucked way too much time out of my life for very little return. Nowadays I play The Sims 3, which is relatively easy to pause and quit when I need to.

Bike Rides: We had been saving for new bikes this summer, and we were really happy when they came in a couple of months ago. Robin is more active in the cycling community, and definitely rides more than I do, but we’ve taken to doing comparatively short rides on the weekends. My new saddle is almost broken in, and I adore being able to pedal from place to place. All they need to do now is start putting bike cars on the C-Train lines so that we can be a truly intermodal city 😀


The Zoo: Once in a while we take some time and hit up the zoo. We also have a membership to the museum, but haven’t really gone all that often. Now that the C-Train extends to our neighbourhood, that may be something we do more often. Hooray for not having to find parking!

Entertaining: Once in a while we have friends over for dinner, board games and such. Every so often we fire up the Xbox and get into some serious Rock Band action.

Being Entertained: Other friends aren’t so much into the travelling to our neck of the woods thing, so we go visit them. It’s a great excuse to get away from the house and play with the kids in our lives. 🙂

Spinning: Since I started getting back into spinning, it’s gotten more and more difficult to just stop, which makes it a great weekend activity.

Knitting: Do I really need to explain this?

And the number one thing to do?

Spending time with the Husbeast. Because even after almost 10 years (we’re counting down the days now), he’s still amazingly awesome 🙂