Movember is coming…

UntitledMovember is just around the bend, and just like last year, I’ve signed up as a Mo Sister. When it comes to getting out there and asking for donations, I’m not exactly the most outgoing, but I try to do what I can.

I haven’t done any designing recently, but I do have a couple of offerings for those who donate.

Starting November 1st, when you make a donation at my Movember page, you will automatically receive an email with two coupon codes for Ravelry. One of those codes is to download my Magnum Mittens & Handwarmers pattern for no charge.  I will also include a code for 50% off any other pattern purchase from my store on Ravelry (yes, that includes Warmer on the Inside, for those who were wondering…). These are one-time-use-per-customer codes, so make your purchases count! 🙂

It’s a win/win…you get patterns and a good cause gets some much-needed funds!

I donate time and money to Movember because I love the men in my life and I want to keep them happy and healthy for a long time to come.  Movember hopes to bring awareness to men’s physical and mental health. While one part is prostate and testicular cancer treatment and care, the other major concern is that men often do not seek or receive professional mental health treatment. The men in my life have been directly impacted by cancer and mental health issues, and are stronger for the help they have received.  I want to make sure that the care is there for anyone who needs it.

** As an aside, while I would like to encourage folks to donate to my team (my co-workers), the email with the codes will not be triggered if you do. It’s probably safer, therefore, to donate via my page only if you want the codes.  Also, there should be an option to leave a message when you donate. I encourage you to do so, and leave your Ravelry name just in case you need me to troubleshoot a code for you. It makes verification that much easier 😀

Calgary Comic Expo 2014

There is a reason why we buy a Weekend Pass to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.  It’s because we’re never quite sure when we’re going to get there.  Sure, it’s an expensive insurance policy, but it’s better than not being able to go because you didn’t buy a ticket for a specific day. Plus, we’ve had times when we have been energetic enough to make it more than one day in a row.

This year, we didn’t get there til Sunday.  Yes, Sunday.

We managed to keep our plans for Friday Night, however…

We both worked Thursday. This meant we were too tired to go anywhere on Friday. Saturday? We were on our way, but hit a huge pothole in a parking lot that necessitated a trip to the mechanic (the car is ok, surprisingly enough).


A weekend like this deserves a really big beer.

So. Sunday.

We saw stuff like this guy.


We parked the car at one of the stations, hopped a train, and snagged some lunch along the way. We spent most of our time in the Artist’s Alley / Merchandise Hall, mainly because that’s where our friends are.

We even went outside to enjoy some of the sunlight and fresh air.  And Vikings.


But mostly we were there to see our friends.  And this guy.

A Dalek called Dudley and gratuitous advertising for my friend Kyle

But mostly our friends. Maybe next year we’ll be a bit more on the ball, take a few extra photos.  For now, I’m just hoping to get through my next shift at work (So. Tired), and the Husbeast just wants the cold he contracted to go away (it’s not the Con Plague. Unless you consider him Patient Zero, in which case, mazel tov!)

Hope everyone had a good C2E2, and we’ll see what the next year brings.

Fandom just got a little more affordable

Do you like Comic and Entertainment conventions?  Are you in Calgary? Do you knit?

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo will be taking place at our Stampede grounds from April 24th through April 27th. The Husbeast and I have weekend tickets purchased and will be going to say hi to friends and get a good gander at all the stuff on display (from wares to costumes).

In honour of the event, sales of the Warmer on the Inside and Graboids patterns will be 25% off during the convention. Just click on the pattern links in the sidebar over there 🙂 ————->

Our friends Mike, Lisa, Kyle and Shonna will have their customary block of booths in the Artist’s Alley for your enjoyment.  All four are wonderful visual artists and I really hope you check them out while you’re there! If your thing is Dr Who and Firefly, Mike has the magnets for you.  Lisa does some lovely pinup illustration (in addition to her photography business). Kyle is the guy you go to for Monster Movie fandom, and Shonna is a novelist who likes to explore the art of the male pinup.  If any of those themes are in your budget, please stop by!