With my love of knit socks, it’s no wonder I’ve gravitated to mittens. I particularly love stranded mittens, but I’ll happily knit away on a pair of cabled or plain mitts as well. Small projects seem to be my forte. While I’ve knit at least one sweater, mostly to prove I could, they’re not my…

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Spooky September Challenge: Campfire stories? Nah!

Today’s Spooky September Challenge was supposed to be my favourite campfire story, but anyone who knows me well enough is aware that I don’t camp. I haven’t been camping for about fifteen years now, and that last time was supposed to teach me about all the awesome things I’ve missed out on, not being a camper (it was cold and rained almost the entire trip. Seriously. We had to go back into town to get a tarp because nobody brought one. Not my best weekend, only salvaged by good company).

So, instead, I bring you an update on the things I do when other people are telling stories around a bonfire. I knit.

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Spooky September Challenge: Ten Spookiest Books

Parajunkee’s View has issued a six-day Spooky September Challenge. I figured I’d participate, as there’s nothing I like better than the run-up to Hallowe’en. Seriously, folks, you have no idea how much I love Samhain. I love October 31st so much that I book time off from work to coincide with the day (usually a full week). I love Hallowe’en so much that as much as my significant is boggled by my enthusiasm for handing out candy at the door.

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Reading for the Aurora Awards

I haven’t disappeared! Particularly after the promises of my last post.

I’ve been on vacation the past 2 weeks. You’d think that would mean I had time to do things like write. Unfortunately, no.

I spent my time putting together IKEA, cleaning house, and hiding from the big, hot sun. When it wasn’t raining. I’ve had a lot of headaches this past couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to Instagram pictures where possible.

I did, however, sneak in a little time to read two of the contenders for this year’s Aurora Award for Best Novel. I’m working my way through the nominees so that I can make an informed choice. I’ll post my full opinions when I can figure out a format that adequately explains my reasoning in a positive manner.

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It’s amazing how looking at other blogs can remind you that you have one of your own that you’re sadly neglecting. It’s hard-truth time — I actually considered closing the door on inkyblack/stringchronicity and just creating a bog standard blogspot/wordpress site. The problem with that is the same I’m having here — What to put in it?

I had thought that I was getting better at generating content until I took a look at my post history. A handful of imports from Instagram had taken over the main content. There were a couple of posts about books that I’ve read recently. Not much else.

I didn’t even like the colours on the blog. Grey, beige and blue what? That’s not me. I needed to make some changes. At very least, time for a redesign!

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