Knit Mittens!

Writers have NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Knitters….well, they just pick a month and knit the heck out of things. I’ve heard of NaKniSweMo (Sweaters), and October usually is dubbed “Socktoberfest”. January is apparently NaKniMitMo, which translates into mittens.

They’re Warmer on the Inside

They’re Warmer on the Inside

I’ve been wanting “TARDIS mittens” for awhile now.  I looked online and found mittens decorated as Tardises (Tardi?), and mittens decorated with Tardises (what is the plural on that, anyhow?). I just didn’t find what I was looking for.  There was one front-runner, but I quickly found myself ripping it back and starting all over … Read more

Ramping up for Yule

Ramping up for Yule

First things first!  Let’s get the pattern-wise info up & over with so we can get on to the real rambling! 😉 Every year I participate in a Ravelry group called “Super Sock Scarefest”. It starts in September and rolls right on through to October 31st. The goal is to complete as many of the … Read more

Mittens for Movember

I know it’s been ages since my last post…what can I say? Life happens and this time it kicked me in the butt. I’ll be getting back to more regular posting soon, particularly now that we’re on our way to Yule and the mittens I was knitting as presents will hopefully soon be winging their … Read more

Preliminary Pictures!

Pretty-ish things until I can snag a model and The Good Camera… At some point I’m going to put a hand-lettered sign near that angel with the words “Don’t Blink” calligraphed or somehow etched onto it. Between it and the zombie in the back garden, our yard is gaining “character”. As an aside: Migraines are … Read more

WIP Wednesday: Socks and more socks!

Amazingly enough, I actually have a couple of quick pictures to show!  Yay!  I’m surprised, what with a very busy vacation and then schedule crazies at work, but I’ll take my resource photos where I can get ’em. It doesn’t look like much of anything, but that’s because this is a sorta cast-on picture. I’ve … Read more