Spooky September Challenge: Why do you love to be scared?

Today is the sixth and last day of the Spooky September Challenge. I’ll attempt to answer the question: “Why do you love to be scared?”

Spooky September Challenge

It’s not really a question of loving to be scared. There’s a kind of thrill that comes from exploring the unknown. We live in a world where most of the Big Things have been discovered. We have satellites in space that can find a person in a crowd on earth, and the Radio Controlled helicopter has been turned into a much more intrusive toy.

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Spooky September Challenge: Favourite Spooky Creature

Another day, another spooky writing prompt from the Spooky September Challenge!

I have a hard time choosing a favourite spooky creature. I love critters of all kinds. If you really want to creep me out (and thus make me actively avoid a book/movie/whatever) — use insects. I think they hold a very valuable place in our ecosystem and perform a necessary role, but….no. No insects for me.

To get spooky, though….I have three Big Favourites:

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Spooky September Challenge: Campfire stories? Nah!

Today’s Spooky September Challenge was supposed to be my favourite campfire story, but anyone who knows me well enough is aware that I don’t camp. I haven’t been camping for about fifteen years now, and that last time was supposed to teach me about all the awesome things I’ve missed out on, not being a camper (it was cold and rained almost the entire trip. Seriously. We had to go back into town to get a tarp because nobody brought one. Not my best weekend, only salvaged by good company).

So, instead, I bring you an update on the things I do when other people are telling stories around a bonfire. I knit.

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Spooky September Challenge: My Favourite Horror Writer

Day Two of Parajunkee’s Spooky September Challenge!

It probably says something that first two “adult” books that I actually fully remember reading were Lovers and Gamblers by Jackie Collins and ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. Both provoked almost equally horrified results from the folks who caught me reading them.

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