Merry Christmas!

Posted December 24, 2010 by Maire in Events, Hobbies / 4 Comments

So far, today has been nice and relaxing, aside from a little traffic.  We went for a wonderful breakfast, and picked up a couple of things that Robin needed from one of the stores (not the mall, thank goodness).  We’re now taking a little time to rest up for the main holiday events.

I’ve been noodling with the stock standard “really simple shawl” formula, and putting to good use my Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn.  It’s always felt a little too thick for actual socks, and with three different colourways in my stash, there was a limit to how big an object I could knit.  Two of the colourways will become a shawl.  Easy-peasy.  It’s an easy, quiet project, and I’m loving the simple striping.

There are socks blocking in our workout room.  It’s easily the least-disrupted room at this time of year (ha ha) and I’m glad that there’s time for them to be blocked before they have to be rolled into their respective cans & given away.  Last-minute holiday blocking seems to be a tradition in the past few years.

Now it’s just to relax, enjoy knitting my shawl, and wait for the holidays to happen.

Merry Christmas, folks.  Happy Yule, Seasons Greetings.  Thanks for reading & thanks for listening to the podcast.  We’re going to go visit relatives and play with the nephews and niece, and just generally enjoy how wonderfully lucky we are to have each other at this time of year.

Even if it means having to drive all over Calgary for the opportunity to do so 😉


4 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Chelsea

    hm. I wonder if that noro striped action would be way too busy for a half circle radial shawlette, like citron? I’m knitting another one but i’m not sure about it. the yarn i’m using is… well, it’s not dyed, it’s kind of a mouse-brown, with a natural heathering because of the colors of the fibers, and it’s probably going to fluff up like *mad* when I wash it. it was sold as fingering, but it’s even skinnier than Schaeffer Anne. I’d call it lace. which makes me really wonder how skinny their laceweight yarn is. I’m thinking of frogging it back and making a ruffle scarf with it…

    • A half-circle shawlette? Probably would work quite well, actually. The striping isn’t all that busy when you’re using size 3 or greater needles. Gauge! 🙂

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