Quiet Birthday

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As I alluded a couple of days ago, there was a birthday in the household recently.  Actually, there were two (kinda).  I would have posted something up on the actual date, but things were a little out-of-the-ordinary around here.

Last weekend we had a weather warning for heavy snowfall, so I had headed out to the store to pick up anything we’d need for a couple of days.  It just turned out that my birthday, February 7th, was the day we wound up being “snowed in”.  We were also under self-imposed quarantine due to Robin’s shingles.

Luckily, Robin had gotten his birthday shopping done earlier in the week (before his condition presented itself) with the help of our friend Chelsea.  Together they found the only Independant Bookseller in town & also hit the yarn store.  According to Robin, his directions to Chelsea were to show him “The good stuff.  The stuff that Maire always looks at, but never buys because she doesn’t want to spend too much”

So, the books are: On Tender Hooks by Isabel Samaras (an art book that combines classic art with pop culture and pinup art), Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and The Portrait of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde. I’ve never gotten around to reading the latter two, and the art book is the kind of interesting that Robin and I enjoy, and our friends would find awesome, but might not be suitable for the older generation to pick up on the coffee table (though they might surprise me).

The Yarn!  The Yarn is Handmaiden Camelspun, and Malabrigo sock.  Chelsea knows that I drool over Handmaiden whenever I get a chance and have been wanting to try the Malabrigo for quite a long time.  I’m glad that Robin had her guidance!  I’ve been instructed to use the yarn for my own purposes instead of being “nice” and making gifts for other people out of it (which I am known to do…set aside my own yarny wants & desires to give to others).  I figure that the Camelspun will make a lovely shawlette & the Malabrigo will make wonderfully cozy socks.  Squee!

This is my niece Georgia.  She turned 5 on February 7th.  Georgie and I have been sharing our special day now for awhile, and I think we’re finally starting to get the hang of it.  Her Dad (my brother) gave a call on Monday and Georgie and I got to have a chat.  While I think my yarn and books are great, I think she figures she got the better part of the deal.  She got a fairy costume (I really can’t argue with that). Interesting Trivia: Georgie and I not only share a birthday, but we’re both redheads who love the colour pink.  You’ll often see us from a mile away if you get us together in the same place!


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