Coming Soon: Knit and Crochet Week!

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My Google Reader category for “Knitterly” contains feeds for 89 knitting blogs.  It’s gotten to the point where I have at least 20 or more posts to read on a daily basis.  I’m a great lurker.  I’m not the best at commenting, though I *am* working on that. I constantly add new blogs to the category.  Reader is great in making sure that everything is available on my laptop as well as my phone, just in case I have some time to kill.

I’m not just going to sit here waxing poetic about Google Reader, though.  That’s not the point of this post.

I’m amazed when I read articles online about how blogging is dying off and folks are turning to writing shorter snippets in Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr formats.  I find it hard to believe, because there are lots and lots of great knitting blogs out there…and it seems that there are more every day.  I rather wish that Twitter had been around earlier; many of my earliest posts were one or two-sentence random thoughts that would have made great tweets.  I consider blogs as complete thoughts with paragraphs and the ability to start a commented conversation. Tweets?  Sometimes I think their impact is as significant as the proverbial fart in the proverbial windstorm.  Twitter is fun, however, and it has its place.

The 89th blog in my Google Reader is Eskimimi Knits.  I’m enjoying the design of her site, and I think I’m going to enjoy reading the content. Apparently she is the person responsible for a blog meme called “Knitting and Crochet Blog Week“, which is in its second year.  For a week, participants all blog about the same topics.  It’s like the WordPress Daily Post, for folks who like yarn (but not for a full year).

I’m thinking that I’ll have to participate.  They have the topics already posted so that you can plan ahead for any photos, reference material, etc.  This is a good thing, as I’ve noticed that things tend to go missing from my calendar.

Anyone else thinking of joining in? 🙂


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