Need a little rain

Posted July 31, 2011 by Maire in Hobbies, Wanderings / 0 Comments

Sometimes it takes a couple of days of searing heat to make me appreciate a good rain shower.  I rained on Friday.  It’s Sunday now, and we’re just wishing that the sky would open up and cool things down.  You have absolutely no idea how glad we are that the guys who built our house put fans in the living room and bedroom.

Makes me appreciate the rain, though.  That’s for sure.  I know my garden likes it too.

I love the fact that there are little cartoony animals cavorting on the plate...

Didn’t wind up taking many pictures this weekend, though we did get some adventuring done.  We went out to sushi on Friday at a new restaurant, and tried out Ethiopian on Saturday (we were celebrating a friend’s birthday, and Ethiopian seemed to cater well to both the carnivores and the vegetarians attending). We also got a little wandering around done down in Inglewood, where they were holding a street festival. I’d have taken pictures, but we were having enough trouble navigating the crowds without a camera strapped to my forehead.  Got to stop in at Tea Trader and the Spice Merchant, though. Hooray for flavourful herbal stuffs that will make my dinner tasty!

Hopefully it will cool down soon so that I can actually cook…


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