Black Holes

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Well, the thing about a black hole – its main distinguishing feature – is it’s black. And the thing about space, the colour of space, your basic space colour, is black. So how are you supposed to see them?
–Holly, Ship’s computer, Red Dwarf (episode: Marooned)

You see that sock?  It’s black.  And the thing about black socks…yeah, you get the picture. This pair are doing the best it can to frustrate me.  The first sock wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.  Beads in the wrong place, twists in the wrong direction.  Rips back, false starts…you name it.  Finally, I had to rip back the toe & re-knit it a bit longer.

The second sock is proving to go a little faster than its mate did (to the point where I was almost ready to hold off starting the second sock entirely), but it’s still giving me fits and starts and pains in the arse.  Multiple pains in the arse.  I had to re-knit the lower half of the leg twice.  I’ve re-done the heel flap about two or three times.  Sometimes it’s due to going on autopilot and thinking I know more about the pattern than I actually do; sometimes it’s just a matter of misreading a direction.

That can happen when you’re working off week-by-week clues and shuffling between them.

Needless to say, I’m going to be very happy when this pair of socks are off the needles.  We’ll see if I decide to pass them along to someone else.  I’d almost say they had bad karma and frustration knit into them, but the socks have had too much of a mischievous personality for that.  I’m not sure what kind of roadblock they’re going to come up with next.  Will I find that they’ve decided to knit themselves into a moebius or something?  yeesh… 😉


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