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It’s amazing how looking at other blogs can remind you that you have one of your own that you’re sadly neglecting. It’s hard-truth time — I actually considered closing the door on inkyblack/stringchronicity and just creating a bog standard blogspot/wordpress site. The problem with that is the same I’m having here — What to put in it?

I had thought that I was getting better at generating content until I took a look at my post history. A handful of imports from Instagram had taken over the main content. There were a couple of posts about books that I’ve read recently. Not much else.

I didn’t even like the colours on the blog. Grey, beige and blue what? That’s not me. I needed to make some changes. At very least, time for a redesign!

Small-scale snapshot of redesigned website
That looks better.

I took out the big pictures from Instagram. Instead, I have the last 7 pictures showing under the menu bar. I’d like to work my way up to at least one Instagram photo per day (that explains the magic number 7, right?). Eventually I’m thinking of also incorporating my Flickr galleries somewhere. Baby steps.

That leaves the question of content. If I’m not just importing my instagram photos, I should probably be writing. I never know what I should or should not include on the blog. When I started out, years and years ago, it was all ego. Me, me, me and blah blah blah. Eventually I got to blogging my knitting. I quickly realized that I don’t knit fast enough to churn out the amount of sheer stuff it takes to be an interesting knit-blogger. At one point I tried to compartmentalize my interests into a daily post (ie FO Friday or Friday Five, Movie Monday, Saturday Yarn, Sunday Sock Class, yadda yadda). That lasted maybe two weeks. You may have figured out that I’ve gone through this particular form of angst before.

So this is what I’m going to try to do. I’m going to try posting a couple of times a week (at least). The subject of those posts could be:

  • Life Stuff: Because I do things. Sometimes well. Sometimes very very poorly.
  • Crafty Stuff: Because I knit and spin. Other crafty things less frequently because the knitting monster has completely overtaken my will to cross-stitch.
  • Music Stuff: Because I play the piano and will eventually learn to play the guitar. I also sing. Usually to whatever I recognize on the stereo. I have no concern for your eardrums!
  • Book Stuff: Because I read. I’m trying to read more.
  • Writing Stuff: Because other than a rather long hiatus where I channelled most of my dubious writing ability into attempting to blog, I have been writing fiction since I could hold a pencil. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. What a twist! I will post more on that as a separate blog post (yay, content!)
  • Writing Prompts: Both fiction and non-fiction. Because sometimes I need someone else to say “Hey! Sit down and write something, Doofus! Here’s something to get you started.”

I guess that means I’ll be writing about pretty much anything. Here’s hoping that this reboot is the kick in the butt that I need to justify my yearly domain name renewal and badgering of My Awesome Webhost!


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