Super Sock Scarefest Finished Objects!

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I have two socks finished for the Super Sock Scarefest! It’s always nice when I have a few things I can share 😀

Willow socks designed by Janine LeCras

Willow Socks

The first Super Sock Scarefest project I completed is Janine Le Cras’s Willow in Zauberball’s Cranberries colourway.  This sock was done toe-up, and in both cases, I flew along the actual plainly knit part…only to get stymied at the lace.

It really is the little things that make you either fly along in a project, or get into an infinite loop of stop – and – start.  This was just such a sock.

The lace features Nupps, which are a technique used in Estonian lacework.  Most of the knitting on the socks were done either on my lunch hour at work or in a car, hurtling its way to Saskatoon.  I needed to use a crochet hook to do the Nupps.  Ever try keeping track of a small-sized crochet hook in a car on its way to Saskatoon?  Challenging.

REDRUM designed by Jenny Lee

Redrum Socks

This second sock was finished in about 9 days. I mostly worked on it over the time I was sick after our trip to Saskatoon.  I maintain that I wasn’t made sick by Saskatoon itself. It’s actually a very pretty city, if somewhat small. I blame 14 hours in a car with the Husbeast, who was getting over the exact same cold.  At any rate, these socks were knit on slightly larger needles, so they didn’t take as long as the first ones.

I’m happy I got both these done in so little time.  Unfortunately, there’s another sock on my needles that’s suffering from “black hole syndrome”. That’s when it seems you knit forever and ever, and yet you never finish the sock.  I’m still trying to finish the first one!

Maybe it has to do with having to rip back at a very crucial stage.  We’ll see how it goes. The socks are gorgeous, but I think they’re going to prove to be hanging over my head for the next month or two.

What actually is the Super Sock Scarefest?

By the way…the two finished socks?  Willow is named for the character on Buffy, and Redrum after the catchphrase in The Shining.  Next should be “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, and “Wolf Where?”  Why yes, Super Sock Scarefest is a monster movie marathon knitalong…just in time for Hallowe’en too! 🙂


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