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There are some things that you’d think I would burst if I didn’t mention. And then I go and do something like sit on the news for a month or more. I guess that’s just the way I roll….I tend to try and downplay all the pretty little grace notes that pepper my life.

That said, I have a new piano.

Not long after I had the realization that something was missing in  my life, we did a little research — and we found out that the cost of a decent digital piano is actually fairly comparable to a decent laptop. So with that in mind, I checked out some reviews, did a little math, and made some arrangements with some key people for making it happen.

I has a piano!
Buried under sheet music and a 20-year-old metronome. Typical.


It’s not the most expensive, top-of-the-line model tricked out with all the bells and whistles, but it has everything I need. I will admit that while I loved my Gerhard Heintzmann acoustic, it was very well broken in. This piano, though digital, has better weighting to the keys, good tone, and the pedals do just what they should.

As a bonus?  I don’t have to make arrangements for regular tuning appointments.

We’ve discussed that if it becomes necessary, we may save up for a newer acoustic, but for now, this will do just fine.  I’m not going hardcore on the scales and technique yet, but taking some time to enjoy relearning some of my old Conservatory pieces. I’m slowly, but surely, rebuilding my repertoire.

Of course, my idea of “slowly but surely” is entirely by my own perspective. It really hasn’t taken me long to actually start re-memorizing some of my old pieces. I’m looking forward to learning even more new pieces from the Grade 9 syllabus list.

Thanks Robin, Mum and Dad. I’ve mentioned it in person, but I’ll just say it here: Thanks for restoring that piece of my soul. I’ve missed it.


As an aside, I think I mentioned that I’d taken my grade 2 Rudiments and had been studying for my Grade 3 Harmony when I stopped piano lessons? I remember my teacher, Greg Chase, putting myself (and two other students) through the lessons and mock-exams, but for some reason I don’t recall the exam itself. The Conservatory begs to differ.

Grade 3 Harmony Exam results (1993)
Harmony marks hidden in a shoebox in the furnace room. I’m probably lucky I found it.


I don’t recall the exam, but apparently I did very well, thank you very much. It just means that more of my theory will be review, and that I have one less exam that I’ll have to take (hooray!). I guess it also means that I can work through the other two thirds of the workbook that we had been using when I took the Grade 3 exam.  I’m nothing if not vaguely frugal.



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