Knitting Fail: I’ll get you next time, Cthulhu. Next time.

Posted May 17, 2010 by Maire in Hobbies, Knitting / 0 Comments

Yeah.  I was less than impressed that this is how my Cthulhuclava turned out.  Things were going so well! Okay, maybe it was the cookies.

A green mess that used to be the Cthulhuclava. You win this time, Cthulhu...

There’s been a lot of knitting and re-knitting on this particular pattern, and I have to admit…the instructions could probably have been a little clearer.  Perhaps I’m not knitting it correctly. Maybe some better close-up pictures to show how some of the bits (like the socket/brow area(s)) fit together.  I may come back to it.  I still have this vision in my head of the Husbeast wearing it on his bike while passing slow cars in traffic…


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