Just in time for the…uh…weekend…

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I kept meaning to post about last weekend’s hijinks, but got sidetracked.  I’m now on a rotating shift schedule at work, and it messes with my ability to organize my posts.  Either way, just in time for the new weekend, I bring you my adventures LAST weekend!

We started off by driving down to the Chain Lakes, which is just outside Nanton in Southern Alberta. It was a beautifully sunny day, so we were struck by just how…deserted the lake seemed to be.  Turns out that it was also a very windy day, so the group of us had to use the jackets we’d brought as possible rain-slickers as wind breakers instead.

Jamie spent a good part of the day fishing in the lake. He also fell in, but we don’t talk about that.

We had to work out some kind of wind-break for our little honourary niece.  No matter where her Mummy or Gran put her, the wind was a little too vicious for her.  We finally wound up putting her in the almost-fully-enclosed baby carrier/car seat that locks into her stroller. She did a lot of sleeping, probably partially due to boredom, poor kidlet.

It was enough to make a few folks go a little crazy…

Afterwards, we headed back to Jamie & Lhiabelle’s place for tasty beverages and BBQ. Weather in Calgary had gotten a lot less rainy and a whole lot sunnier. Of course, the knitting came out with the sun.

Highlight of the weekend? Lhiabelle showed me the stranded socks she’s been knitting.  She’s really gotten a bug for it.  She was off socks for awhile and dedicated herself fairly solidly to shawls and shawlettes, but it seems that the sock bug came back with her newfound love of colourwork. She found information online that suggests that knitting inside-out will help even out your floats, and it seems to have done the trick for her.  I’ll have to give it a try.

Speaking of giving things a try, I noticed that Lhia and I both have copies of “99 Granny Squares to Crochet”.  I admit that I bought mine in a moment of weakness…I’ve never been much for crochet, and I had no idea what I would do with one Granny Square, let alone 99.  Maybe the base of a market bag or some other such nonsense?  At any rate, Lhia was making hers out of crafter’s cotton and suggested I give it a try since they make great dishcloths and trivets.  So that’s what I’ve been plunking away with in the minimal spare time I’ve had this week. Her opinion seems to be that I’m pretty good at knitting, so I should pick crochet up with little problem.  It’s a learning curve, but I think I’ve done pretty well so far with the odd tip or trick from her direction.  Thanks Lhia!

We’ll see what this weeked has to offer! 🙂


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