Keeping a long colour change

Posted November 22, 2010 by Maire in Hobbies / 0 Comments

This may not be news to anyone who reads my blog, but I’m almost done Robin’s shiny happy socks.  The biggest challenge?  Making sure that the long colour gradation didn’t change abruptly after the heel.

You see, I didn’t do an afterthought heel, or a contrast heel…I just knit the heel.  On sock #1, it was a fortunate thing that the colour change was a long one.  sock #2, I couldn’t be reassured of that.

I actually wound up digging out the center of the cake of yarn (as it was the same colour gradient as the one I was working with), and joining it in on the last inch or so of the heel, leaving enough of the main ball behind to rejoin & finish with once I got past the heel turn and was once again working in the round over the front of the ankle.  After I had rejoined the main ball (which had been re-wound so that I wouldn’t have yarn everywhere after coring it like an apple), I went back and wove in the ends that you see in the picture.

It was a bit inconvenient, yes, but I’m glad that I did it this way…and the colour change is very imperceptible.  Nobody will ever know…and even though the Mister will simply stuff his feet into the socks, and the socks into a pair of shoes…*I* will know that there is no jarring colour change 😀

(pictures will be forthcoming of the finished pair once I have finally completed the toe & have them blocked.  Socks look so much prettier when they’re blocked, I think) 🙂

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