Knit Mittens!

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Writers have NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Knitters….well, they just pick a month and knit the heck out of things.  I’ve heard of NaKniSweMo (Sweaters), and October usually is dubbed “Socktoberfest”.  January is apparently NaKniMitMo, which translates into mittens.


I’m knitting mittens.  I have two pairs on the needles.  In both cases, the liners are done, I’m just knitting the handsome outer shells.

Dodgy iPod photo because all the other cameras in the house were hiding from me.

Both pairs are for men.  One of whom has freakishly long hands.  Yes Dad, I’m looking directly at you. (No, those aren’t your mittens. The liners aren’t near long enough).

So, as I have a couple of mitten patterns for sale on Ravelry, in honour of NaKniMitMo, I’m offering 25% off for the month of January on Warmer on the Inside and Magnum: Mittens for Movember. Just use the code NaKniMitMo at checkout.

Because, seriously, who doesn’t want a flying police box or an awesome 80’s moustache on their mittens?



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