A good startitis

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Hermione's Everyday Sock in Crazy Zauberball frische Fische
Hermione’s Everyday Sock in Crazy Zauberball frische Fische

You can tell when I’m spinning my wheels. From the outside, it looks like a case of startitis.

My sock knitting has been a stop-and-start affair.  Cast on for one project, rip it back, try it again, try something new…it’s just been a trial. (hint: startitis)

Finally, I ripped back a sock that I’d completed as far down as the heel flap I re-cast the yarn as a pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks.  Nice pattern, very nubbly…something was missing.

The problem with startitis is that it sneaks up on you. You start a project and next thing you know, you’re up to your eyeballs in projects. Or you convince yourself you need more yarn for an entirely new project.

I think you know where this is going.

For some reason, I had this urge to hie myself over to Michaels and take a look at the stock standard Patons Classic Merino, which is usually relatively inexpensive.  I figured that the best way out of this would be to use a softer yarn to knit Robin the sweater I’ve been promising him.

Turns out that Patons Classic Merino is now just Patons Classic Wool.  At almost $7/skein, it was a little out of my price point.  I just wasn’t feeling the love for the colours.  So I did the unthinkable…I looked at the Acrylic.

Acrylic is in one of two categories for me.  Really nice acrylic and really horribly bad (horribad) acrylic.  I fondled the stock swatches that they have conveniently placed out on display.  Suddenly I realized that I didn’t want to knit a sweater for Robin…I wanted to knit a sweater for myself.  This is a breakthrough…I don’t generally knit large projects for myself.  Much of what I produce goes on to other people, mostly family.

Balls of shiny purple acrylic: a sure sign of startitis.

8 balls of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice 145 Dusty Rose ($4.99/ball) later, I’m started on my very first ever February Lady Sweater. Large scale stockinette is going slowly as I’ve had to change my hand positioning for knitting again.  Someday I’m going to do a comphrehensive video of “The ways Maire changes hand positions for different projects”.  I run the gamut from “normal” throwing to Irish Cottage and Continental.  Really.  It’s amazing what one can do when one puts their mind to it.

In the meantime, I think I’m just going to keep on knitting and see where this project takes me.  I’m probably just over halfway done the yoke. It’s a good start(itis) right? It would be cool to have a new sweater for Yule (if not sooner) 🙂

This is FutureMaire, editing from 2019. Oh you sweet summer child. You put a couple more rows on that sweater before it went into a bag somewhere, and it hasn’t been seen since. A for effort, though.


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