Wisp Shawl: Worst block job evar

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I know it looks like a sudden rush of productivity, but I’ve been meaning to do this for while now.  The blocking of my Wisp shawl.  Yes, a Wisp.  And just like a bunch of folks in Calgary, it seems, I knit mine from Zauberball.  I got the idea from the Sherrimonster, who apparently picked up the idea from the ladies at The Knitting Room.  And when one person gets a wacky idea, of course there’s going to be a domino effect.

Wisp scarf blocking on the floor. Worst block job ever.
Wisp blocking on the floor

It took me longer than I thought to get this piece finished, but it’s been off the needles for about a month (give or take) and waiting to  be blocked.  As you can see, the reason I went to art college was to learn how to draw a rectangle properly.  Apparently the lesson didn’t stick.  Maybe that’s why I dropped out? 😉

Got a couple of sock designs in mind, but as this is “buy nothing month” (at least, in our household), I can’t exactly rush out and order the yarn ASAP.  Thinking I might stop by Michaels’ & see how many balls of Kroy I can pick up at a reasonable price instead.  In the meantime, I have a Robinsock to finish off, as well as a couple of other pending projects.  I’m really trying to finish stuff off so I can get them off my plate.  The Cthulhuclava is going to have to get ripped back a bit because the whole “slipping the first stitch” to keep the rows even?  Yeah.  It turned some of my counts wonky.  The coninual setbacks make for slow progress and a few headdesk moments.


2 responses to “Wisp Shawl: Worst block job evar

  1. juli

    i have a couple balls of kroy you can have, i think. they’re both grey, but different lots. yours if you want ’em!

    • Thanks for the offer! Chances are very good that I’ll have the OK to go to Michael’s soon enough, so I should be good. Cthulhuclava is a slightly higher priority at the moment 😉

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