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With my love of knit socks, it’s no wonder I’ve gravitated to mittens. I particularly love stranded mittens, but I’ll happily knit away on a pair of cabled or plain mitts as well. Small projects seem to be my forte. While I’ve knit at least one sweater, mostly to prove I could, they’re not my current obsession.

This is knitting that isn’t going into the Yule Gift Pile for next year. Once in a while, I have to make something for myself and the husbeast. These are for me, mostly because they’re way too small or girly for him!
I will note that he works in trucking and delights in wearing colours not generally associated with diesel fuel and testosterone fumes just to piss off his co-workers, so girly really isn’t a problem for anyone but me…because I don’t always want to share.

2โ™ฅs Beat As 1 mittens

2 Hearts Beat as One mittens

First up, a pair of 2โ™ฅs Beat As 1 mittens by Yvette Noel. Lovely cable mitts made out of Burgundy Cascade 220 Superwash Sport. At least, I think that’s what I made them out of because I lost the ball band. Hopefully that will be less of an issue this year, because most of the ball bands that went missing did so when I cleaned up my little craft cave in the basement. Now that it’s relatively clean down here, I should hopefully be able to keep track of my ball bands.
The mitten was the December “Pattern of the Month” for the “I Make Mittens” group on Ravelry. I was very happy to take part because the mittens are lovely! I think that my only minor criticism is that cables are slow-going for me, like speed bumps to my knitting. Maybe that’s a good thing, and maybe I should try to slow down a bit more, but there’s always that part of me that says…


Rubywhat mittens?

Ruba'iyat mittens

These look finished, but they’re not. I can tell because they have a provisional cast-on in bright pink yarn. Gorgeous Ruba’iyat Mittens designed by Heather Desseraud. I plan on lining them, so while the pretty exterior is done, the interior linings are still waiting for me to decide what colours I’m going to use, and whether I’ll just use leftover sock yarn or some other yarn that I’d intended to use for mittens but found were a little difficult to work with. Updates will be posted when I figure out where I’m going with this!


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