Sometimes it’s the simple things

Posted December 1, 2010 by Maire in Hobbies / 0 Comments

Remember that whole pretending to be grown up thing I was talking about?  We’re making a pretty concerted effort to be more aware of what’s going on, and it’s really paying off.

This is what it looks like around here tonight.  We’re finding that with both of us working on our respective writing, we can actually find ways to do so together.  I’m blogging on the laptop while he enjoys writing in his notebook with his new fountain pen (a Lamy Safari, for those who are curious).  We’re both enjoying the music from the stereo and sipping our tea, and munching on biscuits.  Sometimes it’s the simple things that make you happy.

My co-worker Jean surprised me a couple of days ago.  His wife is a spinner, and quite awhile ago I had expressed an interest in knitting with handspun.  Before I knew it, she had sent along a gorgeous 2-ply of merino/silk.  I still haven’t knit anything with it, but I think it will likely become a shawl(ette).  I mentioned to him recently that since I started spinning last year, I need to start hoarding stashing accumulating more fibre.  I’m sure the husbeast would disagree with me, but nothing keeps you from spinning like the threat of running out.  Next thing I knew…Jean was handing me a large shopping bag full of wool.

You could have coloured me “flabbergasted”.  In addition to a book, there’s some beautiful burgundy Corriedale, some gorgeous blue silk/merino, and a huge 1 pound, 4 oz of what I suspect is processed fleece.  I’m not certain, though, but it sure looks like quite a bit to keep me spinning for awhile!

Even better?  Cassy is getting into felting, and sent along “soap in a coat”, some hand-made soap in a felted case that Jean swears lathers up really well *and* looks nice on the soap dish.  It smells lovely.

Oh yeah.  I owe someone some Christmas Cookies at very least.  Probably the ones that every claims are as addictive as crack…

(If you somehow manage to find my website, Cassy, please know that I am totally bewildered and hope to actually meet you in person sometime so I can let you know just how much I appreciate all you’ve done to encourage my wool addiction hobbies) 😀

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