Stringchronicity Episode 14: The Starveling Cat

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On The Needles:
February Lady Sweater: On the last couple of rows of the yoke before separating out the armholes and getting into the lace pattern!
Noro Shawl: Got a few rows done last week, but as it’s gotten longer to get through, it’s getting a little harder to sit down & concentrate on.  Has been put slightly aside for things that can be put down once a row has been started.
Inverse Glynis Socks: Not going so well.  Problems with having to rip back multiple times.  Makes me not such a happy camper.
Simple Sock: No real designer.  Just a toe-up sock with a gussetted heel & a picot trim at the top.
Addictive video games that were mentioned:
Fallen London (need a Twitter or Facebook account to play.  My Twitter name is Yzorah, if you want to look for me).
Skinflint Sock Club 2011
My very own “sock club” for cheap people like me.  Okay…monetarily challenged… 😉
– I’ll choose some patterns, and you use your own sock yarn to knit ’em.  At the end of the year, you have 12 socks.
– Hopefully at least one pair will be suitable for people on your Xmas list, if you do such things.
I’m hoping to design at least 3 or 4 socks this year as a part of my personal goals.  For those months where one of those socks is the recommendation, I’ll knit something from one of my books.
– That said, the socks I recommend that I DON’T design myself will be Free patterns on Ravelry.
– I’ll try to give you a heads-up as to yarn choice around the 15th of the previous month.
– For this month, your assignment (should you choose to do it) is to get some of your favourite self-striping sock yarn and do a simple sock.  Cuff-down, toe-up…it’s up to you.  Just a plain & simple vanilla sock.  Go to it!
For February, let’s go with a subtle or medium-variegated handpainted yarn.  No stripes, and nothing too terribly solid-coloured OR wild.  Something fun without being too over-the-top.

Cool Stuff:
In Dreams Mystery Shawl by Susan Pandorf.  Part of the LOTR KAL. Looks like it costs $9 USD to get in & signups run through Friday, 4th February when the first clue comes out.
Lady Jessica by Veronica O’Neil.  Victorian-goth inspired cowl, Perfect for a night out with some red wine and a soundtrack featuring the Cure and Switchblade Symphony.
Ellinor by Maria Naslund.  Very pretty lace beret!
Mountain Colors Hand-Painted Yarns: Thank you Nanettethenanny and Susan93940 from Ravelry!
My own Shoutout: To Plurk.  I’m still trying to figure out how to use you effectively!
Exit music: Sharktopus by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

2 responses to “Stringchronicity Episode 14: The Starveling Cat

  1. Lisa Marie

    I love Switchblade Symphony! You are a totally rocking awesome chick! Whenever I mention SS to people I usually get a confused look for the name alone and then they don’t even know what to imagine the music might sound like.

    • lol! I’m just impressed that anyone else got the reference. I had been thinking that maybe I should have used The Smiths or Sisters of Mercy as references instead 😉

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