Stringchronicity Episode 15: The Forest for the Trees

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This podcast was originally recorded on Friday, 21-Jan-11.  Sorry for the delay!  For some reason, the podcast host wouldn’t accept my file until I re-exported it.  Weird… 🙂

Once again, Chelsea has joined me for the podcast!

What’s on the needles?

– Grrlfriend Market Bag: Sugar & Cream Cotton in Black
– Indecision Socks: Sock toes cast on, but not sure what she wants to do with them. Plain olive green sock yarn.
– Circles Yoke Pullover: Pattern from WEBS for $1.99.
– Citron: with yarn from Great Northern Yarnworks. Undyed yarn that fluffs up when washed. Dubbed the “Fuzzy Navel” by Maire
– Bought her yarn for the Skinflint Sock Club
– Attempt at a February Lady Sweater got FROGGED. A little too Girly for Chelsea, particularly in ice-cream pink.


– February Lady Sweater: No work done on it.
– Noro Two Roll Shawl: Proceeds apace! We have more rows.
– Plain & Simple socks: Finished first sock, working on second (past heel turn). Will likely re-do the cuff of sock #1 & repeat on Sock #2.

Stuff…and things! (we ramble)

Bought Mission Falls 1824 Cotton for a market bag

Mission Falls is apparently going out of business. Local yarn store has discounted the remaining stock, squee (yet also a little bit wah)!

Kitty is on a diet. She is not getting Wet Food anymore, so she’s a little pissy with us (when she remembers). She usually eats Orijen kibbles and Evo wet food.

Maire darned socks this week! Resurrected 2 of the Husbeast’s socks and at least two pairs of her own. One further pair of socks is possibly beyond repair, and yet another is ripped back to just before the huge hole in the toe & will be re-knit.

Robin’s resurrected socks are both Jaywalkers from the following yarns:
– Mama E’s C-eye-ber Fiber in Brimstone
– Dyeing Arts in Sideshow Husband

Maire’s resurrected socks are:
– Cat Bhordi toe-up socks in Regia or similar
– The Koigu Socks that “died” last week!

Finding a Darning Egg in a pinch: Haven’t seen them at any of the local yarn stores. Finally found a decent analog! Old, unused plastic Christmas tree ball ornaments!

Chelsea has done darning and reinforcing more as a pre-emptive measure for her socks. She used Easter Egg moulds.

We were going to talk about post-Christmas startitis, and then we kinda got sidetracked. We have discovered that the “New Startitis” isn’t necessarily starting objects, but mooning over Ravelry like teenage girls and Tiger Beat/ 16 magazine.

We talk about diet, particularly carbohydrate moderation. Chelsea found my copy of How we get Fat (and what to do about it) by Gary Taubes. Turns out she’s also read Taubes’s Good Calories, Bad Calories. I tend towards being very sensitive to sugar, and Chelsea has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, so this is actually pretty topical for us. Warning: there is some coughing (tried to muffle it).

Chelsea mentioned a site called “homework” that talked about how folks usually only eat 19 different foods: A kind of “Fooding Monkeysphere” (I haven’t been able to track this site down, so no link for you!). She also talks about the Gluten-Free-15.

We talk about some of the benefits of having the organic produce delivery. They are better at picking veggies than we are!

Maire mentions online weight-trackers & communities:
Fitday: Not a bad database, somewhat cludgey Good low/moderate carb community. Not much for tracking.
Lose It: Very Calorie-In/Out specific & hard to use the community aspect if you don’t have an iProduct (not available for Android)
FatSecret: Has a great database, easy to add recipes & products, great social networking aspect for a variety of eating plans!


Impulse of Delight: Hand-dyed yarn by Ruth Stewart in BC. We go kinda Yarn Pr0n Crazy over the colours. Chelsea brought a skein with her and Maire got to squeeze the yarn!

CKUA: Alberta’s public radio station! We love you!

This week’s music: Sheldon’s Delight by The Great Luke Ski


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