Vacation. Staycation. Vay Cay Shun

Posted November 5, 2010 by Maire in Hobbies, Knitting, Wanderings / 0 Comments

Robin's Beer Socks

We’ve been needing to take a break for quite awhile now, and it only just finally happened. Thank goodness for vacation time!

Some may recall that we took a trip to Saskatoon about a month back…and a week of vacation with it.  Yeah…that didn’t work out quite so well.  Robin was recovering from a cold and I came down with it on the trip home.  Fun fun.

This vacation has been a world of difference.  We’ve gone downtown to have lunch at one of our favourite restaurants, met up with friends, and just generally had a good time.  We’ve done a little home shopping, organizing, and winterizing.  We had my Dad over to the house the other day to fix our doorbell so that we wouldn’t have to sit around upstairs waiting for people to knock.

And there’s been knitting.  I finished the pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks that I’d been working on (pictures coming soon), and started work on….another pair.  Another pair?  Yes.  This time for Robin in a colourway that he chose himself.  It’s working up absolutely fabulously.  You can see the start of it in the picture above, taken at lunch.  I’ve been working on it off & on, as it has become my purse knitting.

I had cast on another sock, and gotten through the cuff pattern and down to the leg…only to find that I’m way off on my gauge.  So in the meantime I’m noodling around with a fairly simple pattern I saw elsewhere that I don’t have the actual written pattern for…but I have a good idea on the construction.  We’ll see how it goes.  Not about to publish my findings as they would be someone else’s.  I’m just smarter than the average bear (Sometimes.  Sometimes I really suck).


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