Chicks Dig John Taylor

Posted March 22, 2011 by Maire in Hobbies / 2 Comments

Talking to Girls about Duran DuranI’m reading a new book that I picked up called “talking to girls about duran duran” by Rob Sheffield. It appears to be a kind of memoir, with different songs punctuating different parts of the author’s life. I will admit that this strikes a chord with me. I think we all have soundtracks to our lives, whether it’s wailing along to one of your Mum’s old 60’s records about unrequited love, or the first pop album your babysitter brought to the house, or whether it was the first cassette that your parents bought you because you asked for it (for the record, that would be Dusty Springfield’s “Stay Awhile/I Only Wanna Be With You”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, and Duran Duran’s “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” respectively). Sheffield goes into stories about dancing at Discotecas in Spain, working on the city garbage crew over a summer…basics about his life in the 80’s, and how the music influenced his outlook on life. He also ties parallels to the present. All in all, I’m enjoying it as a pleasant read. I’m considering seeing if I can find his previous book, “Love is a Mix Tape“.

I think I’m going to co-opt this idea a bit. Every so often I will choose a song or an album or artist, and just write about it. Music was a very large part of my life for a long time; it’s only in the past year that music and playlists have been supplanted on my portable player by podcasts and videos. Even then, I still tend to keep The Really Good Stuff close by.

I’m not going to go in any particular order, either, so we’ll likely be hopping randomly through time. You’ve been warned. πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Chicks Dig John Taylor

  1. Maire – I LOVE the video format! Please consider doing more video podcasts. It’s great to see you and your projects!!!

    I know what you mean about Calgary’s architecture. I worked there in 2009, and the buildings all seemed very new. Where I grew up, Atlanta, is very, very similar.

    Finally, I loved Pudding Yarn when I was there!

  2. Hi Deb! The video experiment will continue, so I should be recording again soon. Maybe next time I’ll talk about some of the *better* parts of Calgary (like Pudding and Make One and Gina Brown’s and the Knitting Room) to give a little balance πŸ˜‰

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