Where’s my Podcast?!

Posted February 25, 2011 by Maire in Hobbies / 0 Comments

Some folks may have noticed that it has been awhile since I uploaded a podcast.  I actually recorded last Friday…and then wussed right out on the editing part (see, this is why giving me new tools can be a detriment to productivity).  I also realized that the podcast was rather rambly, and we don’t need that…

I thought that maybe what I should do is try something different.  After all, there’s a webcam built right into this laptop…maybe try a videocast instead?

So I recorded, and managed to get it down to a half an hour.  I tried to re-record and shorten it, but the laptop overheated and restarted (handstapleforehead).  I went to export the final cut…and realize that I don’t have enough space on libsyn at this time for even the *small* cut of the video.  Argh! Add to that that fact that it would take a couple of hours to process.  Double argh!

So a recording will be forthcoming.  I just need to get my head on straight and put it together….


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