WIP Wednesday!

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I’ve actually gotten a bit done on all my projects this week.  Even the sweater, though I haven’t been able to snag any photos of it.  I’ve finished the increase rows on the February Lady Sweater yoke and am now completing the last couple of garter stitch rows.  Then it’s on to the body and the arms.  Whee!

The Noro Striped Shawl is progressing along.  It takes quite awhile to complete a full row – that is to say, the row with the increases as well as the row back.  A full colour change, if you will.  The variable widths of the yarn is alternately an annoyance (when it’s too thick) and an amusement. It doesn’t look like I’ve gotten very far, but that’s due to bunching.  I’ve also added another few rows since the picture.  It’s looking very pretty, though if I ever wind up getting conned into doing this again, I may just leave off the yarnovers.

Finally, there’s been some movement on the Glynis sock!  If you look carefully, you’ll note that I’ve managed to turn the heel.  Unfortunately, what you do not see is that I turned the heel a little too soon, and as a result, have a sock that’s a wee bit too short in the foot.  You also don’t see that I’ve already frogged the heel once due to a counting error (never claimed I could count worth beans).  I’ll be frogging the heel again & starting over after a few more rows of pattern.  Because I want them to fit, damnit.  Also, you may note that I’m back to using one circular needle rather than my DPNs.  That’s because DPNs drive me nuts when I’m working on the heel.  Point of reference: First attempt at the heel took at least an hour and a half due to fiddling with the needles.  Second attempt at the heel?  Half an hour.  Seriously.  I’ll be ripping back and re-knitting on the circs.  May swap my DPNs over to a pair of plain socks where I’m just doing a stockinette leg/cuff, since I’ll just blaze through that on the DPNs.  It’s all a matter of time management.

What have YOU been getting done this week?


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