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I saw this particular little weekly feature on Turtlegirl’s blog and thought I might follow suit.  Of course, afterwards I googled WIP Wednesday, and apparently it’s not a new idea…so now I don’t feel quite so cheesy!

My Noro striped shawl is shaping up quite nicely.  It’s getting large enough to take more time to get through a full row and back.  Of course, this means that it’s harder to put down when the phone rings or the door needs answering, or (more likely around here) someone needs to get the kettle or take dinner out of the oven.  I’m enjoying it, though, and I can’t wait to be able to wrap myself in it.  It looks like it’s going to be wonderfully snuggly!

I’m sure that there are a few people sitting there, looking at the screen and saying “wait a moment…isn’t that a sock?  I’m seeing yet another sock, aren’t I? Why are you doing that? Particularly after all the socks you knit for Yule!”

Ummm…well…it’s only a little bit of a sock, now, isn’t it? Actually, if you look closer, you’ll notice that there are some pretty pink spikey-things sticking out of all that gorgeous green.  Those would be a set of 2.5mm Signature Needlearts DPNs that were the “big” Christmas gift this year from my darling Husbeast. He went to the trouble to hide them inside the packing of another gift, and then had to tell me where to look because I had totally overlooked them. I have to admit that I absolutely love them. Usually I am very vocal in my preference for Addi Turbo needles, but I’m getting used to the Signature DPNs and their really sharp tip, which is perfect for things like k3togs and sssks, both of which are features in the Cookie A Glynis socks that these are based on.  I’m doing them toe-up instead.  Because I want to. Maybe I’ll get wild and use a Fleegle heel….hmmm…. 😉


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    • It’s slow going, but I think it’s going to be my “I just need to be warm” shawl. Then again, I guess we’ll see how big it grows 🙂

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