Once more into the fray

Posted February 3, 2019 by Maire in Nerding / 0 Comments

I’ve been gearing up for a redesign of Stringchronicity for a while now. Imagine my surprise when I checked the site from Twitter to find..well…nothing. All the source code was present, but the site had gone *poof* into so much aether. I took this as a hint that maybe, while my host was restoring backups, I should rough in the new design.

Stringchronicity cat logo

I call the little guy over there on the left Widget. He’s my mascot. After all, if I’m not posting up pictures of yarn, knitting or unwitting family members, I’m usually posting pictures of my cat.

Widget was sketched on paper, scanned, and used for Adobe Illustrator practice. I’ve been so far into networking tech that my graphic skills have suffered a little atrophy.

If I don’t wind up refining Widget myself, I may ask a buddy for help. Widget is destined to grace my collateral items like business cards and such.

I’m also getting used to WordPress’s new Gutenberg posting interface. I’m enjoying it, for the most part. I like being able to choose and customize elements and plunk them into the appropriate places. I particularly like having nicely ordered menus full of those same elements. It makes life a lot easier. I’m looking forward to seeing whether the Gutenberg block is something I’ll be able to make from scratch, because I have Ideas. 😄

I guess there’s a part of me that’s happy the site broke. It got me to stop hesitating about the redesign and start posting again. Ever have those days where you start thinking about a blog post, and it’s only later that you realize you never actually wrote it out and posted it? I’ve been having a lot of those moments, lately.


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