Plans for today

Taken at: Saddle Ridge, Calgary

Today’s plans? Settling in with a new book, knitting on a sock, and cuddling up under a warm blanket.

Long, long ago, I mentioned that the first couple of adult books I remember reading (or at least, remember being caught reading by adults who were probably right in assuming I was too young to be reading them) were novels by Stephen King and Jackie Collins. I still like scary books. The home library has expanded over the years.

One of the highlights from Christmas 2017 was Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. I’m currently reading through it and enjoying the heck out of it. I’ll have to remember to write a review of it once I’m done.

Because I was fairly young when I started reading scary books, I’ve developed a short list of rules for reading them.

Not before bed. Pretty self-explanatory. This rule has saved me many times from nightmares.

Not when home alone – at night. Because nothing freaks you out more than hearing the furnace kick in when you’re all alone in the house at, say, 3am. Heck, I don’t even need the added incentive of a horror novel to make me paranoid – I’ve been known to hear snow falling off the roof and think someone’s trying to break in. Best not to make the paranoia worse.

If it’s getting to you, do something else. This is the last-ditch effort of someone who can’t use stairs or go into the basement because House of Leaves OMG WHAT.

Trust me, having a few rules helps. Update them as necessary. When I was 10 years old, the word “ghost” near bedtime used to trigger nightmares for me. So I started substituting the word “it” for “ghost” whenever I was reading in bed.

Then, sometime around 1987, Stephen King wrote “It“.


That didn’t work out very well.

Start as you mean to continue

Welcome to 2018!

Yesterday I vacuumed the carpet, swept the floors, cleaned my kitchen, and took out the recycling.

I did a little writing, and played a little Warcraft – but not too much.

I drank a little wine – again, not too much.

The husbeast is feeling a bit under the weather, so compassion and understanding were the themes for the night. We watched a movie and commented on the neighbour who insisted on blasting their bass at 2am.

In the cold light of the new year, things are pretty good. I have a clean home, and a sunny spot to write at the kitchen table. The cat and I are listening to music while a rather large bird noisily attempts to cuddle up to the back of our house. We’ve had a tasty, healthy breakfast, and some time to sit and veg with the internet.

There are socks on the needles, words to be typed, world quests to be done, and wine still to be sipped.

All in all, things are looking up.

Snapshot: Damn fine coffee

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I wonder how many women can say their husbeast gave them the dead body of Laura Palmer for Xmas?

I caught the current (25 years later) season of Twin Peaks while it aired. I’m still somewhat confused. I think I know what Lynch/Frost were shooting for, but I could also be totally out to lunch. Precisely because it’s Lynch/Frost we’re talking about.

That said, I was really into the original series when it first aired, and really enjoyed revisiting it on streaming media (Crave? Netflix? One or the other). It’s probably telling that the three shows I remember being really into at the time were Twin Peaks, X-Files and Star Trek: The Next Generation.