Retail Therapy

Had to get the car registered today (nothing like waiting til the last moment), so I also took the opportunity to get some other errands done.  By the time I came home I had a bunch of clothes that I picked up on sale, cat foods of various flavours and densities (yes, densities), baking ingredients … Read more

Back in action

I’m back!  Well, kinda.  I’d just started getting  back in the habit of posting when my webserver went down.  Even worse?  There was no backup. Luckily, I had the last page’s worth of posts up on my screen, so I quickly saved the page & was able to re-create the posts last night.  I’m still … Read more

Press Release

Today’s post is courtesy of Chelsea, who started making up stories when Robin switched to another Rockband character (not his usual Lance  Pyston) in order to make her some monies to buy clothes to make the backing band look cool. Lance Pyston’s meteoric rock career looked like it was due for a stall when the … Read more

Winter Wonderwhat?

Thursday evening we got word that there was going to be a snowstorm on Friday.  We didn’t think too much about it…after all, it wasn’t snowing at that point.  We kept an eye on the weather, though.  Our plans were to head down to m1 in the morning to take a look at the saxony … Read more