Retail Therapy

Had to get the car registered today (nothing like waiting til the last moment), so I also took the opportunity to get some other errands done.  By the time I came home I had a bunch of clothes that I picked up on sale, cat foods of various flavours and densities (yes, densities), baking ingredients and a new small sketchbook.

I bought a moleskine.  It’s  not too big, and not too small.  It will fit in my purse, or my carry-around-bag, or even my back pocket without being TOO small.  I bought it for writing and sketching and just plain Doing Stuff.

I don’t know where the fear of blank pages came from.  Maybe it’s a childhood of zealous environmentalists telling our generation that wasting paper is bad.  Maybe my Dad made some weird sound when I scribbled all over his good matte board.  I don’t know.  As a result, I always felt weird starting a new project.  I have no problems ripping out multiple inches of knitting, but wasting drawing paper scares the living shit out of me.

So in addition to the moleskine, I also picked up a book that takes a look inside the take-along sketchbooks of various artists.  I’m looking forward to digging into it.  It’s always nice to remember that no artist does perfect work all the time, or sometimes even anything that looks vaguely recognizable.

Finally, a picture.  It’s warmed up considerably outside, but I thought I’d share this.  It was around 7AM outside the workplace on one of the frosty/foggy days we had recently.  Hell, we’ll probably get more, knowing our weather.  It’s been a winter of fog.  I’m wondering whether the Dementors are breeding.

Jack Frost Wuz Hear

Back in action

hoar frostI’m back!  Well, kinda.  I’d just started getting  back in the habit of posting when my webserver went down.  Even worse?  There was no backup.

Luckily, I had the last page’s worth of posts up on my screen, so I quickly saved the page & was able to re-create the posts last night.  I’m still trying to get all the widgets & plugins working again, but it will happen.

In other news, I’m getting over yet another cold.  First it was the flu in January, and now it’s a sinus cold.  I missed yesterday at work because I couldn’t get enough sleep the night before; wound up gasping for air all night.  Managed to get some more sleep during the day & took Nyquil before bed last night.  Let’s just say that the stuff works like a charm.

Also, trying to get used to Google Buzz.  All of a sudden, there’s a bunch of new stuff in my email.  I’m not sure if it’s a “you got your chocolate in my PB” or vice-versa type of problem.  It’s very close to FriendFeed, which was a great site…if you could get your friends out of Facebook long enough to try it out.  Something tells me that now the push is going to be getting everyone and their dog to either get gmail accounts (and/or Google profiles), or admit to having them…

Of course, there are two drawbacks that I can see.  One is that not everyone is going to find an application for it.  I have Google Wave, and I’m still trying to figure out a use for it.  Really.  It kinda reminds me of Netmeeting in that it has all these great collaboration tools…and everyone’s raving about them…but I have no real-world use for it.  Boo.
The second is that now you’ve got social networking in your email, there will likely be a whole bunch of businesses that will now have gmail firewalled away from its users.  For instance, I know that most major businesses will block Facebook.  Now your mail may be blocked away from you as well.

I will be very up-front in my dislike of Facebook.  Yes, I have it, and I crosspost to it, but I spend as little time on it as possible.  I don’t like the drama of “o noes, you changed my homepage!” every time they change a layout.  I especially hate being pestered to download “apps”.  I don’t care about your farm, your petshop, your bakery, or what quiz you took yesterday.  I’m more inclined to read your status to see what you’re up to in real life than to give a flip about some commercial product that just wants to suck away more of my time.  I very happily use Tweetdeck to skim my friends’ facebook status than having to go to their page, see their advertising, and get pestered by apps.  The worst part?  They’re now invading my email.  I’ve been going through privacy settings to see if there’s any way I can get rid of emails from applications saying “your friend is doing this…why don’t you?”  Well, I have friends who do drugs, but I don’t do those either.  I tend to not hang around folks who try to peer-pressure me into doing things that are bad for me.

I *like* decentralized applications that I can aggregate in my own way.  Twitter?  Fine.  Blog?  Fine.  Facebook?  As long as I don’t have to log into it.  Google Reader?  Great.  Feedly parses it well.  The trick is to find a way to aggregate the feeds & make sense of them all.  If Buzz will do this, all the better.  If Buzz is just another cluttered mess…well…I can’t see myself using it.  It’ll just be another annoyance like Facebook, with nothing but Farmville spam.

Press Release

Today’s post is courtesy of Chelsea, who started making up stories when Robin switched to another Rockband character (not his usual Lance  Pyston) in order to make her some monies to buy clothes to make the backing band look cool.

Lance Pyston

Lance Pyston’s meteoric rock career looked like it was due for a stall when the renowned guitarist reported a repetitive stress injury to his right wrist (eff you, he got it playing guitar) and a strict six months off the axe in the midst of an 81 date international tour.  But rather than cut a tour short, Pyston hired a series of stand in guitarists and took on the role of lead vocals for the tour, introducing the rock world to unsung stars.

Frankly, Rolling Stone doesn’t know what to make of it, as all Pyston’s choices for chops have been chicks.

But the big surprise of the international tour has been an online run of Lance Pyston-endorsed wrist braces, styled with studded and tooled leather depicting nautical tattoo motifs. Braces have been flying out of the warehouse and command sums in the thousands on e-bay. In six months, Lance Pyston has generated more income from medical devices as he has in the last two years of the extensive, gruelling tour schedule he’s maintained since superstardom.

Last night Lance appeared on stage long enough to tune a guitar and strum a few chords. Fans went mad, and the 17 second YouTube video has netted a half-million views.

I got your picture pages right *here*

Amazingly enough, one of the things I had planned to do this year is to post more to my blog.  And that hasn’t exactly happened.  Between relatives being born, cars breaking down, and folks getting the flu, there hasn’t been much opportunity to sit down and write stories about life or spread my own baffled opinions on the word around me.

And then I realized that sometimes the best stories in the world are the short ones.  Somewhere between That Guy redirecting all his/her twitter posts to their blog and the epic adventures of bloggers like the Yarn Harlot, there are all these smaller things that don’t take as long.

That, and I finally downloaded the files from my camera.  Go me!

I call this little snapshot “Resistance is futile.  You will be photographed”. Basically, we went to Eat Eat and noshed on French Toast and Eggs Benedict.  Yes, there is a photo of the maple syrup somewhere on my flickr page.  Because Maple Syrup is awesome.  Yes, Chelsea has not yet realized that one cannot fully hide behind a cup of tea. Yes, Robin has resigned himself to the fact that getting me the camera for Xmas last year was probably a Bad Idea. Yes, we went to the yarn store afterwards.

Chelsea and Robin