I made these!

Once in a while I feel the need to knit something that doesn’t already exist. Or I want to put a new spin on something already out there. Often, when this happens, I’ll note down what I did and then fire up a handy page layout program (which, when you’re trained in graphic arts, is something that sometimes happens).

As always, all roads lead to Ravelry. Just click on the price! Some of these patterns are freebies, and others are affordably priced.


I live in Canada, so I like to keep my hands warm. My family members appreciate warm hands too! I support the Movember Foundation for Men’s Health, and will often offer one of my paid patterns in exchange for a donation to the cause. Watch for it in November!

Wizard Warmers

Wizard Warmers

Inspired by Gandalf’s hand and arm warmers in The Hobbit.
Warmer on the Inside

Warmer on the Inside

For the Whovian in your life: Mittens that are warmer on the inside!


Mittens and Handwarmers for Movember
Mittens for Movember

Mittens for November

A mitten pattern for Movember
Coming Soon


Inspired by the music of the late, great David Bowie. Pattern available on Ravelry. Picture (hopefully!) coming soon.


I did mention that I live in Canada, right? Toasty feet are a must. Even better if the pattern is fun and inspired by pop culture favourites πŸ˜ƒ

Weeping Angel

Weeping Angel

Socks inspired by the Weeping Angels in the Dr. Who episode Blink


A slightly larger version of Cookie A’s Monkeys. For those with bigger feet.


Designed for Super Sock Scarefest 2013 on Ravelry, socks inspired by the movie Tremors.


Designed for Super Sock Scarefest 2012 on Ravelry, socks inspired by Sherlock Holmes


Socks inspired by the movie Donnie Darko


Twisty turny socks inspired by the Guardian of Azeroth.