Mittens for Movember

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I know it’s been ages since my last post…what can I say? Life happens and this time it kicked me in the butt. I’ll be getting back to more regular posting soon, particularly now that we’re on our way to Yule and the mittens I was knitting as presents will hopefully soon be winging their way north.

That’s not what I’m posting about, though. I’m posting about Movember. What is Movember? Well, it’s a movement that happens every November to try and raise awareness about Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health. With the large concentration on talking about women’s issues and breast cancer, the guys often get left behind. That really needs to change.

November at my workplace becomes a somewhat surreal experience. Men who normally sport moustaches and goatees will spontaneously shave their faces clean on November 1st. Before you’re really quite aware of what’s going on, you’re surrounded by a variety of moustache styles including the handlebar, the “Magnum PI”, and even the twirled tips of an evil villain. I think the only moustache I haven’t seen is pencil-thin, a la John Waters.

What are my gentleman co-workers doing? Participating in Movember! Their faces become billboards for the movement.

Prostate cancer & men’s health are very important to me. I have a Dad, a Brother, and a Husbeast. I have a lot of extended family and friends who are men. The world would be a lot less fun and amazing without them around.

My Grandfather passed away from cancer. It spread so fast that the doctors couldn’t be sure where it started. All he knew was that one day he didn’t feel well, so he went to the doctor. Less than a couple of months later, he was  gone.

My Grandfather, Cpl. Don S. (on the left) and friend in Prince Rupert, BC

My Grandfather was a WWII vet. From what I recall, he didn’t see action. He was stationed at a base in Western Canada as an MP for the Royal Canadian Air Force. He couldn’t fly due to colour-blindness. When Remembrance Day comes around every November 11th, he’s the one I think of.

This Remembrance Day,  I’m offering a “quick & dirty” mitten pattern in honour of Movember. My hopes are that there will come a time when hard-working men like my Boompa can enjoy a long and healthy retirement, instead of having to keep fighting for their health long after a war is over.

download now

I’m offering this pattern for free, as I haven’t had a chance to test-knit it. It is basically a chart with some handy tips thrown in. In return, all I ask is that you consider making a donation to the Movember movement (the link to my co-workers’ team is right here). If you do, please leave a message of encouragement for the boys with your donation, and let me know via the comments on the pattern!

(yes, I know Remembrance Day is almost over here in North America.  That’s a whoopsie on my part. Still, you do have until the end of November to donate to a very worthy cause!)


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