Ramping up for Yule

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First things first!  Let’s get the pattern-wise info up & over with so we can get on to the real rambling! 😉

Every year I participate in a Ravelry group called “Super Sock Scarefest”. It starts in September and rolls right on through to October 31st. The goal is to complete as many of the sock designs released to the group within that time period, and to photograph them in the scariest way possible. Sock designs are inspired by some of the great B-movies of all time. The past two years, I’ve shared patterns with the group. The first pattern, “Baskervilles“, is available for free on Ravelry.  The second, “Graboids“, is now available for $6.

Graboids in Koigu and Lorna’s Laces

For a limited time (the end of the month), I have extended my offer for Movember to include Graboids.  Sure, you could give me 6 bucks — or you could donate a buck or three to Movember and get Graboids AND Magnum for free with your donation. Just sayin’.

As it stands right now, I’ve made about $46 in donations to myself, and one donation to my team (which was a happy surprise for all of us).  While my team really does appreciate the donation, I don’t know if it triggers the coupon code message. If you want the code, please donate to me personally. You can donate anonymously, but I do like to see who is contributing (and it helps me in case you have problems downloading the pattern(s)).

As always, I’m thankful for everyone who participates and donates. 🙂

Inspira Cowl
I made myself an Inspira cowl. They’re addictive.

I know, I was hoping to write more this month, but I’m right in the middle of knitting for Yule, and I’m never too sure what I should post and what I shouldn’t.  I’m going to be honest and say that I sometimes grumble and mutter over some projects more than others, and I’d hate to have someone think that their gift wasn’t made with all the love and affection that I can muster.  I would be sad to think that someone felt their gift was inferior or substandard, even though I obviously liked it enough to continue knitting on it.

I admit it…I’m a grumbler. Life would be so boring if it were sunshine and bunnies all the time.  Sometimes you need an ill-tempered cat to come along and hiss and swipe at things to remind you that things aren’t always easy all the time.

I’m also a worrier.  I don’t want anyone to compare materials and think that someone else’s gift was more special or precious than theirs because I used a store-bought yarn vs a handspun yarn.  Let’s be honest, my handspun is fun for me to make….but it’s not necessarily the same as some store-bought yarns. I choose yarns mainly for their properties, not the sentimentality.

I didn’t make this yarn myself and I love it. Madly.

Actually, working with Handspun can cause more problems than it solves. I’m actually knitting a project using my Handspun and I’m worried I won’t have enough yarn to complete it. See?  Definite drawbacks. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen, because I’m really enjoying working with it!


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