Review Policy

Inkyblack/Stringchronicity has been around for…ye ghods…well over 15 years now. In that time, I’ve gone from writing “I had toast, it was crunchy”-style blogs to more structured slices of life and reviews of books, patterns, yarn, and other various things as they find their way into my grubby little hands.

Amazingly, even after 15+ years, this blog is a very quiet space. You’d think I’d be accepting every little strand of fibre and scrap of paper to use, read and review. I would love to, but there’s just not enough time in the day.

Readers of this blog are, therefore, totally at my mercy and whim.

Welcome to my whimsy!

On a more professional note, if you have a book or string-related product that you would like me to review, please feel free to contact me and see whether our interests align.

What format(s) do I accept?

I’ll accept ARCs, finished copies, ebooks/galleys. For ebook, I prefer .epub format for my Kobo. Otherwise, I do have an iPad and the Kindle app. Audiobooks are great, but turnaround time on reviews goes way down when the book is 5+ hours long.

What genres will I read?

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Romance are the capital-G Genres. I also enjoy Mysteries and Thrillers. I don’t generally enjoy westerns, body horror, military SF or books with overly religious themes. I like books with diverse and LGBT2S+ characters. I will not review books with rape as a primary motivation or theme.

Book Ratings:

My thought processes for book reviews run similar to the following breakdown. Like your 11th Grade Math teacher, I’m not all that flexible when it comes to changing my scores.

DNF: Didn’t finish. I lost interest, or couldn’t make heads or tails of what I was reading and stopped.
0.5: I struggled my way through this book and am probably wondering why. Half-steps really just boost the base number.
1: I finished the book. It didn’t hurt me. It was meh.
2: It was okay. It wasn’t totally thrilling. I probably list any concerns/issues I had with the book.
3: Hey, I liked this!
4: Oh, this was good. I mean really good. I mean I really liked it.
5: Take all my stars, balls of yarn, hearts…whatever I’ve decided I’m using as a graphical depiction of “take my money PLEASE!”. I may use exclamation points. And animated .gifs.

Sometimes I re-post to Goodreads. I often intend to post to Amazon or Kobo, but am easily distracted by shiny things.

For everything else:

When it comes to yarn, patterns, wine, and other things, I generally just state my opinions. The 0-5 chart in the book section can be used as a guide if I’m assigning ranks, but otherwise I just go with the flow.