Chili Day

The Husbeast and I are trying to clean up our diet. Which means less sugar, and more of what you’d call “natural whole-foods”. Essentially, we get rid of the “fillers” that have the highest calorie and carbohydrate load. It evens out our blood sugar (thankfully neither of us is diabetic), which means our moods are definitely more stable. Other side benefits include less headaches/migraine, less joint pain, and less muddled thinking.

And the way I look at it, it starts with chili.

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Robin grilled up some salmon tonight, and we had it with some caesar salad.  Now, I know that there’s at least one Doubting Thomas who will find this unlikely, so I took a picture.  As they say, pictures or it didn’t happen… See?  That’s my plate.  Green stuff is salad.  Salmon-coloured stuff is….salmon. For those…

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