Foodie Friday: Oct 16th to 22nd

I missed my Wednesday post, but Friday? Friday is for food!

It took a little while for me to remember what we ate this week. It’s come to the point where I’ve had to print and cut the October and November pages for my Filofax so that I can keep track of the daily nosh. One might suspect that I’ve become some sort of late-to-the-party foodie hipster, but my photos of food are a little more practical than that.

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Foodie Friday: Sept. 27th to Oct. 1st

I am in grave danger of becoming one of those people who Instagrams all her meals. It’s mainly due to the fact that a picture makes it easy to remember what you’ve had and whether it was notable in some way. As a result, I have a few pictures saved back. I’m thinking of making it a semi-regular feature that I’m giving the hipster title Foodie Friday. ¬†Seems appropriate!

You’ll just have to forgive the terrible late-day kitchen lighting and the obvious cell-phone camera pictures…

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