In which I prove I have a *little* colour-sense…

There’s an old joke that men see the world in basic colours, and that women specialize.  That is to say, guys see pink, green and blue, and women see puce, chartreuse and teal. Full disclosure here…my whole freakin’ family went to art college, so if one of us doesn’t know what puce, chartreuse and teal are, we’re SO in trouble.

Today’s Friday Five is about Teal. I’m not a big fan of teal. It’s not high on my list of colour priorities. I’m much more partial to cherry red or shades of purple. I’ve even developed a passing fondness for various hues of yellow, a colour I would never have previously identified with. I don’t know why I have such an aversion to teal, but it’s there. Some folks dislike “sea foam”. I’m not particularly fond of teal.  So there.

How many teal-colored items of clothing do you have, and which is your favorite?
Ummm….none.  Teal is more my Mother’s colour. I had a t-shirt once that was slightly more of a “jade” colour than teal.

There aren’t many teal-colored foods, but what comes pretty close and how do you feel about it?
The only teal-coloured food I’ve seen has been food with mould on it (appetizing thought, that). Needless to say, I didn’t eat it. I have a hard enough time with the concept of bleu cheese, thankyouverymuch!
Apparently, though, there is a game bird called a Teal.  Which, is apparently very tasty roasted (but turns out the usual roasted-poultry-brown, and not greenish-blue).

If yellow is the color of cowardice, green the color of envy, and blue the color of sadness, what’s teal the color of?
“You need to clean your fridge. Like seriously.”

What’s the neatest teal-colored thing you’ve seen recently?
Sock yarn. Definitely. I think Chelsea has (had?) a skein that was shades of teal. I remember that, even though teal is not my thing (you understand), I drooled.  I’m a sucker for sock yarn. But if you’re reading this, you probably already guessed that.

If you had to paint one of the rooms in your house teal, which would it be?
That’s probably never going to happen.  Ever. And I mean it.  If I was forced at gunpoint to paint a room teal (and that would be the weirdest request requiring gunpoint reinforcement), I would probably choose a room that nobody ever uses. Like the interior of a closet, the inside of the (currently totally fictitious) garden shed, or the utility room in the basement.

Though I’m pretty sure the cat (whose sandbox resides in the utility room), would have issues with that.


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Friday Five: Fading

It’s been awhile since I did one of these…

Today’s Friday Five is all about Fading.

What’s something in your possession whose color has obviously faded?
— numerous pairs of socks. Particularly the Koigu handpaints. I absolutely love the colours, but they fade so quickly! And, unfortunately, this yarn tends to wear thin quickly, so out of about 3 pairs of Koigu socks, I’m down to one….

Koigu Socks

Which of your talents, skills, or abilities has faded as you’ve grown older?
— Amazingly enough, I used to be almost completely bilingual (French as a second language). While I can often understand conversation if spoken slowly and clearly enough, it takes some serious brain power for me to respond without sounding like an imbecile.

Among people you know, who seems best able to fade into the background in a crowded room?
— I would have probably chosen myself. Big girls often tend to try to make themselves invisible

What song seems to have a ridiculously long fade-out at the end?
— The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen.  Honestly, it’s like vocal masturbation. Seriously! La la la LAAAA La! (rolls eyes)

What recently prominent person seems to have faded quickly into oblivion?
— That’s one I really have no answer for that one. I’m not exactly on the cutting edge of what’s what 😉

2011 Review

I guess it’s due to the closing of the year, but this week’s Friday Five is all about Xmas and New Years. Due to the nature of the questions, I’m going to talk briefly about work. You may notice that it usually isn’t a topic I bring up. Work has, for the most part over the past few years, been something I try to leave at the office.

In 2011, what did you do far too many times?
Fall off my preferred way of eating. You see, I definitely do have a problem with food and disordered eating (no, I’m definitely neither bulimic nor anorexic, but there are other patterns of disordered eating). There’s no need to give me the looks of “Oh my, she gained weight this year – let’s try not to show our surprise (or lack thereof), but how do we tell her she’s gotten a bit out of control?”.  Trust me I’m aware.

In 2011, what did you rediscover?
I can make damn fine chili. I rediscovered that many of my limitations are self-imposed.  I can make chili. I’m currently knitting a sweater. I switched departments at work…those are some pretty big changes, just from stepping outside my usual comfort zone!
I also rediscovered my enjoyment of the graveyard shift. This past month has mainly been training on that shift, and I’ve been enjoying it immensely.  I like quiet 🙂

What 2011 event will you still be paying for in 2012?
See #1 up there, re: The Foodening. We have a plan. It involves eating well and using the local YMCA (granted, we’re still waiting for the Y to open in it’s NE location. But once it does, that will go a long way to keeping us on track).

In what unexpected place did you find a friend in 2011?
I was very happy to find that the right people were in the right place at the right time this year. The right supervisory-sort was the guy doing the hiring for the job I applied for, and when I “passed the audition”, I joined a team of mainly old acquaintances who were more than happy to have me around. Whatever on-the-job grumbling might get done (mostly by others at this point), the atmosphere is a heck of a lot lighter than the place I came from, and I’m very happy to have “found my tribe” so to speak.

As 2011 comes to a close, what in your life is trending upward toward a much better 2012?
A better work environment, a membership to a local gym that should be opening soon, and at least one co-worker who has expressed interest in being a “diet buddy”. This might actually be the year I get it together and actually get some things done.


As always, I’d love to know how you would answer these questions! 🙂


This week’s Friday Five is about food. Figures that they would do this, with Christmas coming up and all the foodness that will be coming.

What’s your favorite ice cream topping?
I really don’t have a favourite topping for my ice-cream. When I was a kid, we’d have canned peaches or pineapple, and the juice freezing into the ice cream was damn tasty. It made me really appreciate Vanilla. Nowadays, I’m just as likely to get a hot fudge sundae with peanuts. I’ve never really been much for caramel on my ice cream.  *In* my ice cream, though…that’s another story!

What’s your favorite pizza topping?
Pepperoni, hands-down. Sometimes, depending on the pizzaria, I’ll add mushrooms, sausage, and/or red onion to the mix, but pepperoni is usually the main component.

What’s your favorite thing to sprinkle cocoa powder on?
I don’t, usually. I generally find cocoa powder to be a little too bitter for it to be a garnish. However…see below 🙂

What’s your favorite thing to put whipped cream on?
What *isn’t* my favourite thing to put whipped cream on? Instead of buying the commercial, pre-whipped, pre-sweetened stuff, I just buy whipping cream and use my hand-mixer to blend it with some splenda and vanilla. Sometimes, I even add a little peppermint, or cocoa powder (see?  I told you we’d come back to this). For a low-carber, whipped cream isn’t just a topping, it can also be the dessert itself. A little goes a long way! As for my favourite thing to put whipped cream onto? I’d have to say Pumpkin Pie.

What do you like to put upon a cracker?
Peanut Butter. Oh, once in a while I’ll mix things up by putting some cheese on my cracker (provalone is nice), but on the whole, my favourite cracker topping is good old PB. A special treat for me is the sweeter, whole-grain crackers with baked brie and a bit of jam.  Yummers!

Friday Five: Brrrr!

Today’s Friday Five has to do with how cold it’s starting to get all over the place.  Considering it’s now December, I guess it’s appropriate :

1. What’s your favorite thing about cold weather?


when you can't go any further...
You mean other than amusement at my neighbours' expense?

I, obviously, have to vote on the side of knittables. I like to wear scarves and mittens, warm woolen socks. Also, I can knit to my heart’s content, and not overheat or get sweaty. I can actually use Real Wool instead of cotton blends or bamboo, and not feel like the yarn is sticking between my fingers.  All-in-all, a pretty good thing.

2. Soups and hot beverages seem to be everyone’s favorite cold-weather culinary combatant, but what’s another food that seems to take the bite out of the cold?

I like a nice hearty chili for getting warm. If I’m being particularly cheeky, I’ll have a little french bread with butter to go with it. I’ve gotten pretty good at making my own chili this year, even if it isn’t particularly “low carb”. My version has lots of oomph from added beans, which can pack quite a bit of extra carbohydrate punch with the protein. Eiher way…it’s tasty and warm, and it feeds both of us for a few lunches at work.

3. When the weather is just starting to turn cold but is not yet in full frigidity, what do you add to your bed until it’s time to break out the heavy artillery?  (I said what, not whom!)

We keep an couple of extra things around to help combat the chill: An extra blanket or light duvet, and a hot water bottle.  The blanket or duvet is pretty self-explanatory. The hot water bottle is great for a little extra warmth to cuddle up with, or for use as a bed-warming device.  Rolling it between the sheets isn’t too far off from ye old bed warming pans!

4. What household chore seems especially unkind in these colder months?

We Canadians are particularly adept at both shovelling driveways, and avoiding shovelling driveways. I grew up in a house that had two and a half driveways. One of the driveways was particularly long. It didn’t always work, but my brother and I were pretty good at making ourselves scarce. Luckily for my parents, we lived in Ontario, where the snow is perfect for snowman-building. I think Mum and Dad would lure us outside with promises of snowmen, and get us to roll up half the driveway before starting on the lawn…

5. Among people you know, who seems most oblivious to cold weather?


I really can’t think of anyone who could be considered “oblivious” to the cold. I think it’s more a matter of “tolerance for” the cold. I think a lot of it has to do with knowing how to dress for the temperature. After living in Yellowknife for a couple of years, I found that the cold in Ontario didn’t really affect me much.  It was the humidity that was a killer. I’m sure my brother and his family (all of whom live in Yellowknife) would call me a wimp if I complained much about the weather here in Calgary, though they’re known to take vacations in California. Personally, as long as I’m dressed for it, I really don’t mind the cold all that much.  A little preparation (and an unapologetic knitting habit) makes a huge difference!

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Friday Five: Leftovers

I was looking for daily topics to help keep me posting, and came across ye olde Friday Five! I’m impressed that it’s still around! Today’s topic is “Leftovers”, so let’s see what we can come up with…

1. Leftover from April 17, 2009:  What’s a creature comfort (practically unnecessary) you must take with you on an overnight trip in the great outdoors?  Please consider a phone something that has practical necessity!

That would, of course, be my knitting. Yes, yes, socks are practical, but other than keeping my fingers busy, my brain semi-engaged, and my patience in check, there’s no real necessity for yarn in my purse. At least, that’s what everyone else would have me believe…

2. Leftover from August 31, 2007: What did yesterday cost you?  <– Thanksgiving in the U.S., but answer it for wherever you are and whatever you did!

Because I’m Canadian, and therefore not subject to the Federal Holidays of my friends and neighbours to the south, yesterday didn’t cost me much. I went to work then came home. Technically, gas to & from work was probably about 3 to 5 bucks, meals probably would have come to about $30. Maybe. So rounding up to the nearest single bill available from the bank, maybe $50. Of course, that’s for both myself and the husbeast, so individually, about $25.

3. Leftover from January 25, 2008: What was your excuse the last time you were REALLY late for something?

Traffic. There has been a lot of construction in our area – primarily roadways and highways. as a result we usually wind up appearing a few minutes later than intended. Weather is another factor, as I can leave early to compensate, and wind up not only delayed by traffic, but also moving slowly due to weather. I’d rather move slowly than get in an accident, though.

4. Leftover from February 18, 2011: What was your first online purchase?

I’m not sure, but I think it was a Jolly Jumper off Ebay as a first Yule present for my nephew Milo. It was either that or a replacement battery for my old iBook. Either way, I’m pretty sure it came from Ebay.

5. Leftover from December 25, 2009: Which of your gifts do you think you do not put to its best, fullest use?

That’s an easy one…my spinning wheel. I love her dearly, and I moved her to the living room so that I would be prompted to spin more often (the temperature is also more stable there), but I still need to knuckle down and start devoting some time to using her. I’ve promised myself that for my weight loss goals, I could reward myself with either yarn or fibre, and I’m thinking that I may just work towards some shipments from Crown Mountain Farm. Because I hear their product is super-awesome 😉

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