Hats! On heads!

Last Saturday I apologized for not having a picture of hats in action.  My sister-in-law has remedied that situation.

Milo, Georgia, and hats!
Milo, Georgia, and hats!

I think they rank right up there as two of the best knitwear models ever. They also provide great quality control, as they live in one of the colder quadrants of Canada. Chances are pretty good that there will be more hats (and mittens, and scarves) in their future.

I refuse to knit them socks (and sweaters) until they stop growing. Even Auntie has her limits 😉

Hats! I knit them!

I knit a couple of hats!

I actually knit them a while ago, but I was waiting until they landed in Yellowknife with their new owners before I posted anything. You see, one of them is an early birthday present and the other is a belated birthday present. Unfortunately, while I have a picture of the duo in their new hats, I do not have permission to post it (it’s pretty informal). If, however, winter action shots of the hats in use come my way with permission to post, I shall happily do so.

Milo's Hat
Milo’s Hat

This is what happens when Auntie Maire sees her niece and nephew wearing commercially knit toques in family pictures. Seriously.

Georgia’s Hat

Georgia’s hat is Baa-ble Hat by Donna Smith, and Milo’s is my own variation on The Force Awakens Hat by Mrs. Luedeke. As always, I can’t help myself from messing with a pattern. I added  a Y-Wing fighter, the Rebel Alliance logo to the first row of icons. I added Boba Fett (because he’s awesome), and Darth Vader to the top, and got rid of the light saber-ish thing. Last, I used “May the force be with you” instead of branding the hat to the movie. Essentially turned it into a general-purpose Star Wars Hat. Because that’s the way I roll.

The back of Milo’s hat

The only things these hats are missing are wonderfully ridiculous pom-poms, and that’s only because I wasn’t sure the kids would want wonderfully ridiculous pom-poms. They’re at an age where pom-poms can be a point of contention.

So I will patiently await a publishable action shot of the hats and the final word as to whether pom-poms are go.

ps: I also made yarn. But that’s a whole other story.

I made yarn! Into The Whirled "Andraste" on English Shetland
Into The Whirled “Andraste” on English Shetland

It’s a hat.

About a year or two ago, I made the Husbeast a hat.  I used the Ripley pattern by Ysolda Teague, and made it out of a dark grey alpaca blend from Michael’s.

It itches. And an itchy hat doesn’t make for happy husbeasts.
(This is not the first occasion when an alpaca blend has caused itchiness.  I also find that the Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light that I used for a couple of pairs of handwarmers are also somewhat itchy. Makes me sad because they were nice and warm and pretty.)

So I sent the Husbeast to the yarn store with Very Specific Directions. He requires Very Specific Directions because the lady who tends the cash on the weekends likes to be Helpful, and while that’s something I might appreciate, it just confuses the Husbeast.

Okay, I guess you can take a picture

The softest merino yarn I know of is Malabrigo, and I know that it wouldn’t cause itchiness if it could help it.  The yarn recommendations for the Graham hat pattern list Malabrigo Rios, so I figured we couldn’t go too far wrong. His other Very Specific Direction was to choose a colourway that he would like. Apparently the Kind Yarn Shop Lady tried her usual tactic of trying to confuse him by Giving Him Options, but he stuck to his guns and was very happy that the yarn seemed to be very soft, squishy, and non-itchy.
(Note to yarn store owners/staff: If the customer isn’t the Knitter of the family and he has been sent to the Yarn Store for specific yarns, please don’t try to offer alternatives. They don’t need to know all the merits of your favourite alternative.  They are there to pick up Very Specific Yarn, and all you are doing is adding confusion and ammunition to the argument that they shouldn’t stop by the yarn store even if they’re in the area. You want to make a sale and I want my yarn, right? We copacetic here?)

Get a picture of the back? Ok.

I started knitting on Saturday evening after the yarn came home, and was done with the hat by Sunday evening in time for him to wear it to work. It’s a really simple pattern, and it’s totally reversible.  In fact, I find it even more interesting when it’s reversed. It shows off the texture and colours really well.

This IS the last picture, right? Please tell me this is the last picture

So far, so good! He tells me that it’s not itchy at all.  He wore it to the Nine Inch Nails concert that we attended this past Monday. All the pictures here were taken in the amazingly well-lit Calgary Transit LRT. No concert photos, though…I was too busy enjoying the experience of an arena full of people of various ages all singing along to “Head like a Hole.. 😉

(I did, however, wear the wrong shoes. Therefore, while he had a cool hat to mark the occasion, I got a pair of really bad blisters on my heels.  Live and learn. Let that be a lesson: Sometimes the stompy shoes need to stay home. Sometimes the fully broken-in walking shoes are the better bet. Even at an Industrial genre concert.)

I’ll get you next time, Cthulhu. Next time.

Yeah.  I was less than impressed that this is how my Cthulhuclava turned out.  There’s been a lot of knitting and re-knitting on this particular pattern, and I have to admit…the instructions could probably have been a little clearer.  Maybe some better close-up pictures to show how some of the bits (like the socket/brow area(s)) fit together.  I may come back to it.  I still have this vision in my head of the Husbeast wearing it on his bike while passing slow cars in traffic…

You win this time, Cthulhu...