Worst block job evar

I know it looks like a sudden rush of productivity, but I’ve been meaning to do this for while now.  The blocking of my Wisp shawl.  Yes, a Wisp.  And just like a bunch of folks in Calgary, it seems, I knit mine from Zauberball.  I got the idea from the Sherrimonster, who apparently picked up the idea from the ladies at The Knitting Room.  And when one person gets a wacky idea, of course there’s going to be a domino effect.

Worst block job evar

It took me longer than I thought to get this piece finished, but it’s been off the needles for about a month or so (and waiting to  be blocked).  As you can see, the reason I went to art college was to learn how to draw a rectangle properly.  Apparently the lesson didn’t stick.  Maybe that’s why I dropped out? 😉

Got a couple of sock designs in mind, but as this is “buy nothing month” (at least, in our household), I can’t exactly rush out and order the yarn ASAP.  Thinking I might stop by Michaels’ & see how many balls of Kroy I can pick up at a reasonable price instead.  In the meantime, I have a Robinsock to finish off, as well as a couple of other pending projects.  I’m really trying to finish stuff off so I can get them off my plate.  The Cthulhuclava is going to have to get ripped back a bit because the whole “slipping the first stitch” to keep the rows even?  Yeah.  It turned some of my counts wonky.  The coninual setbacks make for slow progress and a few headdesk moments.

5 Days

Sometimes I think that it takes forever for me to finish a project.
Sometimes, I forget that some of my projects are freakin’ huge (ref: Robin’s Sweater)
Sometimes, I forget that some of my projects are wee, but with tons of tiny stitches (ref: Socks).

Sometimes things don’t take as long as you think they will.  Or be as difficult as they could be.  Sometimes, just sometimes, you realize that the perfect project is portable, colourful, light, and full of holes.

I started last week and took this:

Sweet Georgia, it's Green!

And turned it into this:

Blocking Ishbel

(Notice the sneaky kitty under the rocking chair)
That, my friends, is a finished (small) Ishbel, designed by one Ms Ysolda Teague.  The yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in “Botanical”.  It didn’t want to be socks.  It really didn’t want to be socks.  The first time, the gauge was off.  The second time, the heel turn was sloppy (it was a pair of Sleepy Hollows, and far be it for me to diss a pattern the Yarn Harlot loves, but something just wasn’t working out for me.  Maybe later).  The variegation in the monochromatic green was gorgeous, so I decided to try it as a shawlette.  And I love it.

Today, I wore my new shawlette to work.  Funny enough, it was the gents who noticed.  Thanks, boys 🙂

Finished Ishbel

Just a busy Saturday

There’s a ton of wildlife in Calgary, and it has a tendency to just pop up wherever.  We went for breakfast down at the Blackfoot Diner with Chelsea…and what should be parked on top of Chels’s building?  A Canada Goose, full of attitude, honking away on the roof.

18-April-10 010 18-April-10 009

We walked down to the Diner, and Chels showed off her new toes.  Well…she’s always had ’em, but now she’s got ’em on display.  Apparently she had to get the more audacious colour, too.  Bright, bright pink.  Now…both Robin and I had heard of these things, and had been very curious about them, but had no idea where to get them.  Apparently MEC carries them for a very reasonable price.  We stopped in after breakfast and picked me up a pair of Vibram 5-Fingers Sprints.  What most folks probably don’t know is that I have horrid posture & my back has been killing me like crazy for a good part of the last month.  Barefooting is supposed to help that.  We’ll see how that turns out.

18-April-10 013 18-April-10 012

After getting home, and putting on those bad-boys, we went for a walk over to Dale & Morgan’s place & then walked back, taking a stop off at the Safeway for a brief coffee with friends… and saw a wee froggie on our walkway (he posed for a photo-op.  The bunny that wandered past our garage the day before didn’t stop long enough for that).  We ended the day with some meat on the grill, the remains of a bottle of chardonnay, and a bit of knitting in the last few sunbeams of the day.

18-April-10 019 18-April-10 021

Hope everyone else had an equally good weekend!

Return of the Monkeymen

Just a quickie here…

When the site went down, I lost my best-edited copy of the Monkeymen pattern.  So, the pattern is back up…but if anyone sees anything I’ve missed, please let me know.

I really need to take some time & put it into PDF format.  That way I can just upload it to Ravelry and not have to worry about it…