Movember is coming…

UntitledMovember is just around the bend, and just like last year, I’ve signed up as a Mo Sister. When it comes to getting out there and asking for donations, I’m not exactly the most outgoing, but I try to do what I can.

I haven’t done any designing recently, but I do have a couple of offerings for those who donate.

Starting November 1st, when you make a donation at my Movember page, you will automatically receive an email with two coupon codes for Ravelry. One of those codes is to download my Magnum Mittens & Handwarmers pattern for no charge.  I will also include a code for 50% off any other pattern purchase from my store on Ravelry (yes, that includes Warmer on the Inside, for those who were wondering…). These are one-time-use-per-customer codes, so make your purchases count! 🙂

It’s a win/win…you get patterns and a good cause gets some much-needed funds!

I donate time and money to Movember because I love the men in my life and I want to keep them happy and healthy for a long time to come.  Movember hopes to bring awareness to men’s physical and mental health. While one part is prostate and testicular cancer treatment and care, the other major concern is that men often do not seek or receive professional mental health treatment. The men in my life have been directly impacted by cancer and mental health issues, and are stronger for the help they have received.  I want to make sure that the care is there for anyone who needs it.

** As an aside, while I would like to encourage folks to donate to my team (my co-workers), the email with the codes will not be triggered if you do. It’s probably safer, therefore, to donate via my page only if you want the codes.  Also, there should be an option to leave a message when you donate. I encourage you to do so, and leave your Ravelry name just in case you need me to troubleshoot a code for you. It makes verification that much easier 😀

That’s a serious moustache!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the last time I wrote anything here.  I have moments where I could have sworn that I had written a full blog post, but then the moment passes and I head back on my way to whatever I was doing. It feels like its been a busy year from my perspective, but maybe not if you’re on the outside looking in.

Hopefully we can change that this year. I just renewed the domains, so we’ll see what happens!


October passed in a hurry, and now we’re into November — and November means Movember! Just like last year, I’ve done some designing. Unlike last year, it’s only available by donation, at least for the month of November. I’ll be doing some reconsidering once the month is over.

I’m actively participating in Movember this year, you see. You can follow the link to my Movember page if you’re interested in making a donation. The site gives buttons for donations of $25 or more, but there’s a blank for ‘other’ amounts. I’m not going to judge…if you’re only able to donate a dollar, I’ll gladly take it! Movember benefits research and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, as well as men’s (mental) health. As I love the men in my life, I’m very much in favour of the movement.


So what did I design? Stranded handwarmers and mittens. Because, the way I figure it, Movember is for Mittens. I’m not about to grow a moustache (like the male participants), but I sure can make mittens. If you are a knitter and you would like to get your hands on the pattern, all you have to do is make a donation at my Movember page. As mentioned, you can donate as little or as much as you wish. When you do, you will receive a message with the free coupon code for the pattern on Ravelry. You can then download the pattern and get knitting!


I knit my test handwarmers with Koigu Premium Merino sock yarn in a lovely dark purple and light grey on size 2.5mm circular needles. They’re nice and roomy on my hands, but a little tight for the husbeast. My test knitter, Sherri (thanks, Sherri!) found them too big for her teeny tiny hands – but her gauge with 2mm needles is about the same as mine with 2.5mms. I’m thinking of making another pair for the Husbeast. So far, 3mm needles with Kroy sock yarn or Blue Moon Mediumweight seem to give the right gauge. The design is pretty unisex, so if your guy doesn’t want to grow a moustache for Movember, you can make mittens with a moustache for him 🙂

…and yes, I named the pattern “Magnum”. My Mum was a big fan of Magnum PI when I was a kid, and my Dad rocked a similar moustache throughout the 80’s. It made an impression. It’s a serious moustache for a serious cause!

Mittens for Movember

I know it’s been ages since my last post…what can I say? Life happens and this time it kicked me in the butt. I’ll be getting back to more regular posting soon, particularly now that we’re on our way to Yule and the mittens I was knitting as presents will hopefully soon be winging their way north.

That’s not what I’m posting about, though. I’m posting about Movember. What is Movember? Well, it’s a movement that happens every November to try and raise awareness about Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health. With the large concentration on talking about women’s issues and breast cancer, the guys often get left behind. That really needs to change.

November at my workplace becomes a somewhat surreal experience. Men who normally sport moustaches and goatees will spontaneously shave their faces clean on November 1st. Before you’re really quite aware of what’s going on, you’re surrounded by a variety of moustache styles including the handlebar, the “Magnum PI”, and even the twirled tips of an evil villain. I think the only moustache I haven’t seen is pencil-thin, a la John Waters.

What are my gentleman co-workers doing? Participating in Movember! Their faces become billboards for the movement.

Prostate cancer & men’s health are very important to me. I have a Dad, a Brother, and a Husbeast. I have a lot of extended family and friends who are men. The world would be a lot less fun and amazing without them around.

My Grandfather passed away from cancer. It spread so fast that the doctors couldn’t be sure where it started. All he knew was that one day he didn’t feel well, so he went to the doctor. Less than a couple of months later, he was  gone.

My Grandfather, Cpl. DA Smith (on the left) and friend in Prince Rupert, BC

Boompa (our name for him) was a WWII vet. From what I recall, he didn’t see action. He was stationed at a base in Western Canada as an MP for the Royal Canadian Air Force. He couldn’t fly due to colour-blindness. When Remembrance Day comes around every November 11th, he’s the one I think of.

This Remembrance Day,  I’m offering a “quick & dirty” mitten pattern in honour of Movember. My hopes are that there will come a time when hard-working men like my Boompa can enjoy a long and healthy retirement, instead of having to keep fighting for their health long after a war is over.

download now

I’m offering this pattern for free, as I haven’t had a chance to test-knit it. It is basically a chart with some handy tips thrown in. In return, all I ask is that you consider making a donation to the Movember movement (the link to my co-workers’ team is right here). If you do, please leave a message of encouragement for the boys with your donation, and let me know via the comments on the pattern!

(yes, I know Remembrance Day is almost over here in North America.  That’s a whoopsie on my part. Still, you do have until the end of November to donate to a very worthy cause!)