Stringchronicity Episode 11: Holiday Sockapalooza

Hello to all the listeners from the Stringchronicity Podcast who may make their way over this-a-ways.  We’ve picked up the domain and it is set to direct over here.  I’m sure there will be some transition til all the bugs are knocked out, but things will be running smooth eventually!

This week’s tea: Winter Solstice tea from Steeps

Things we talked about:

  • Why this Podcast is/was late.
  • The need for a new BPA-Free Mug (thanks sweetheart, for the new Starbucks travel mug!)
  • How poor eating habits can have a holistically bad effect on your health.  Ow.
  • The urge to knit/design something new.  Maybe other than socks (horrors!)
  • I briefly mention the fact that I’m in Windows XP & keeping myself from firing up Sims3.  Still not playing World of Warcraft.

Followup items from last time:

  • Pinterest
  • Why were we cleaning last week?
  • Correcting an inaccuracy with Bust Sizing (like mine.  Boobies!)
  • How I know about music
  • Language in Canadia
  • What the heck are Canadian Malls like? (hint: Watch Mallrats)
  • Politically correct podcast vs. Politically incorrect podcast vs. Middle of the Road podcast

Currently working on:

Black Hole Socks of Doomy-doom.  Don’t get me started.
And Stuff.

I then proceeded to do a review of Wendy D. Johnson‘s Socks from the Toe Up.


Til next time, folkses! 🙂

Everything old is new again

Just a note to mention that I’ve gone back to podcasting again.  Episode 4 of the Stringchronicity podcast is up and available at Blogspot & on iTunes.  If you’re into knitting, you might find it a lark…the rest of y’all (family, non-knitting friends) might want to give it a miss. 🙂

I actually spent the bulk of today working on my script while the computer updated to Ubuntu 10.10.  So far, both the computer and the podcast seem to have gone well!

Episode 2: How I wound up in Saskatoon & what I found there.

This week we got caught up on the past 2 week’s worth of rambling due to a trip to Saskatoon (the bride was lovely, the groom was short…but rather handsome and good-natured) as well as a bad head cold.
I talked about yarn shopping in Saskatoon, specifically at Prairie Lily Knitting & Needlework.
Finished Objects:
Willow by Janine Le Cras , Pair #1 from Super Sock Scarefest KAL
Redrum by Jenny Lee, Pair #2 from Super Sock Scarefest KAL
Still working on ’em:
September Mock (aka Black Tie, Optional by Adrienne Fong), Sock Knitter’s Anonymous KAL
I have the new Interweave Knits Weekend! I ramble on, somewhat coherently, about the patterns inside. My final verdict? Flip through it at your LYS or Grocery/pharmacy and see if you think it’s worth the money. The cover sweater and the gloves are cute. The rest are really a matter of whether it’s to your taste. Not a lot of “classic” designs, but lots of originality.
I rave on about the new Knitty Deep Fall. There are socks. And hats. And pretty sweaters. And an Electra Townie bicycle. You really ought to ride more. The upright bikes are really comfy and you can wear pretty clothing while you ride. Take back the road! (yes, I was dead wrong about the spelling of Electra. Oh well. Can’t win all the time)
I give a shoutout to Tanis Fiber Arts for having awesome Blue Label Fingering weight Merino yarn. I made my Dad’s Yule present from them last year, and the yarn was a joy to work with. I have another ball of the Green Label Aran that is destined to be a cheery hat for the dead of winter (even if I can’t remember the name of the pattern).
Finally, a small apology for the rambling nature of this hour’s worth of gibbering. Hopefully, as we go on, I’ll get back in the groove. And will hopefully find the perfect intro and outro music. Whee! Isn’t technology grand?

Episode 1: Just Like Starting Over

In which Maire, formerly of the Socktart podcast, relaunches under a new name, with renewed hopes for continuing to podcast.

On the needles:

– Marled Pink & White Baby Surprise Jacket
– Sirdar Snuggly “Baby Yours”
– Seamless Raglan Sweater
– Vanilla Socks,
– Sock Knitter’s Anonymous Mystery Sock (Mock)
– Bloody Vampy Willow Socks (Supersock Scarefest)

We talked about sock KALs and Yuletide knitting preparations.


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